Incidental Exercise – Stair Music vs Elevator Music!!!!

It’s the first Friday of 2013 and the calories are calling me. I’ve been pretty good since New Year’s day and have been walking with my poles and without. I even parked my car – NOT in a handicapped spot, then walked from the back of the lot to the front. I like the whole idea of incidental exercise. I can do this. But…

cake and exercise

Now, I’m having the empty-tummy  feeling. It’s that “always starving feeling” when I’m feeling emotional (substitute any of the following emotions because I want to eat when I’m emotional: righteous, sorry, happy, angry, apprehensive, dread, etc)  and want something specially delicious to make me feel, well, special! I’m really just happy and very rested bordering on lethargic. It’s raining lightly out and I don’t want to go for a walk in it and then get damp and chilled.

I’m going to do a little meditation right now to see if I can figure out what crave morsel it is that I’m beginning to want that won’t feed the guilt puppy. (I looked through my back-blogs and I’ve talked a lot about my guilt puppies, sigh). Back in a flash, talk amongst yourselves.

Isn’t that nice music to meditate to? I guess you could get a little bit of incidental exercise if you danced to it. I just did, and the hand-washing dishes got done in 5 minutes and the dishwasher started. It was “Elevator Music”. Of course if you are into the incidental exercise you wouldn’t be in the elevator, you would be taking the stairs. Do they have stair music? No! Let’s lobby for stair music. It could be like dance walking, right?

I know a lot of people have their Music plugged into their heads almost 24/7 but I don’t. I have weird ear holes and most ear phones don’t fit in there and I always forget to charge my IPod. So why not stair music? I have dishwashing music and floor washing music, too. I used to listen to Nine Inch Nails for that one until my daughters made me listen to the “uncensored” version. It still has a great beat to do chores to.

So, I decided what it was I craved and have 4 slim slices of salami (2 Gypsy and 2 pepper to keep up the appearance of excitement and variety!) and a caffè lattè (nuked coffee with milk – OK, not the real thing but soothing and waking together!). I think I’m done on the blog for the day, Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on January 4, 2013.

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