Breakfast at Epiphany’s

breakfast at epiphany'sI think yesterday was a Breakfast at Epiphany’s. Actually it was at the Crooked Goose and it was really good. What made it even better was that it was breakfast with Randi and Wendy. I love talking with my friends and they don’t usually read my blog so they didn’t buy into the whole Nietzsche thing. But we all did agree that you are totally coloured by your own experiences – real or imagined.

We meet at least once a month for breakfast/brunch on a Saturday or Sunday morning. We’ve even started a list of places we want to go. Greater Victoria is a glorious place to eat and goes from Sooke to Sidney, from Downtown to the Malahat (it’s not really tall enough to call a mountain but it’ll really mess you up in the snow or fog). I read once in the paper that Victoria has more eating places than any other city in North American except San Francisco. Hmmm! That explains my size!

We catch up on each other’s families, celebrate milestones and generally have a great time talking. Wendy’s son was robbed on his trip in South East Asia and Randi’s daughter is singing and dancing her way to great happiness that now actually pays money. We have been friends since 1974 so these get togethers are so necessary to us. There are three more women we share this bond with but they live off the island so we do get together once in a while and are looking forward to a Women’s Weekend on Saltspring Island this coming spring.

I must have been having a wonderful time talking because I sure didn’t eat very much. I got to take home over half of my Pulled Pork Hash. The poached eggs were perfect. I don’t like hard yolks and I hate when the whites are still jiggly (shudder) but these were jussst right! And it even came with home-made hollandaise. Then the light went on! I could taste the butter! OMG! So many calories!!!!! and two slices of buttered toast and I’d already yolk-dipped (and ate) one slice. I’m supposed to be off carbs. So the hollandaise would have been okay, but not the toast, panfries or jam (for the other slice of toast of course).

What was my epiphany? I love food. Sigh, now I have to do what I have been trying to do for ages, retrain myself to limit intake, exercise and choose healthy food. I took the rest home and ate it for lunch and mid-afternoon snack. Supper was veggies and chicken stir fried with Ponzu.THAT was healthy-er. I guess I’ll work my way through Christmas and the week between it and new Year’s Eve and see if I can benefit from my breakfast Epiphany.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane  a

And for your further listening pleasure…..

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