It’s Snowing! Time To Think Of Christmasy Eats!

It’s our first snow of the season. here in Victoria. Already people are sliding all over the roads and it’s only 6:15am. We, in Greater Victoria, don’t really get enough experience to learn how to drive in it properly. It will now make me very nervous about walking, too. I have a massive fear of falling since the last two falls I’ve had fractured my right femur and disassembled my left artificial hip (now fixed). I guess, I have to bring out the cane again. Sigh. I wonder if the walking poles work without skis or snow shoes?

Hmm would I look like this duck?

Hmm would I look like this duck?

It does feel more Christmasy with the snow falling and the fear of Christmas calories dancing in my head. Norm bought the champagne for the Christmas Morning Mimosas. I have decided that others shouldn’t suffer even if I’m watching what I eat so, I am going to make a few things like: butter tarts, peanut butter brownies (my version of Nanaimo Bars without the Nanaimo), cheese balls and smoked salmon cream cheese.

I’ve got all the ingredients for the cinnamon buns I make Christmas morning to go with the mimosas and coffee and presents. I also have to keep my food journal for the entire Christmas Break and I’m off for two weeks. Sigh.

I had better check that I have all the things for Christmas Dinner, too. Turkey. Check! Bread, onions and sausage (for the dressing, but I think I need celery). Check! Potatoes. Check! Cranberry sauce. Check! Yams (and Fireball). Check! Carrots. Check! Whipping cream for the Christmas pudding and Irish coffees. Check! Pickled beets and bread and butter pickles. Check! I’m sure I’ll forget something but there are always places open no matter what!

I’ve contributed a number of cans, cartons and packages for our work Food Bank contribution and I have a grocery bag filled by the front door when the local pub does a door-to-door for our local Food Bank (I live all the way across town from where I work). I’m felling it more and more. Now I have to make sure I have enough paper, labels and tape for presents and felt to finish making a couple of stockings. yep! I’m getting there. I think I’ll even put on my pedometer and do some mall walking to finish filling the stockings.

Thanks for listening. Countdown to Christmas. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 18, 2012.

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