I Had an Epiphanette – I Feel So Lucky!

“Why are you sitting there like an envelope with no address on it?”
Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain

The last time I wrote I was looking for an epiphany. You know, that huge smack upside your head that brings light to your eyes and meaning to your life. Then yesterday, I got an email from one of Dr Amson’s patients asking about my weight loss surgery experience. He’s the abdominal surgeon that did my sleeve gastrectomy and has pre-surgery people contact post-surgery people for real information. I wrote a nice note about the “shoulds” everyone wanting to lose and keep weight off should do. It was this morning when I was e-mailing her my food journal form that I had an epiphanette. aha momentIt was a “duh” moment, an “a-ha!”, the light bulb went on, an epiphanette. Sigh. Why don’t I listen to my own advice?

DuhBecause sometimes we/I don’t want to do the right things. We/I may think it’s too difficult, or too much work, or will fail, or…..whatever. How many epiphanettes do I need before I get it? Do I accumulate them and then look back and see they are now an epiphany? Or do I share I share them with the world which replies: “Duh! We knew that.”

I gave this woman my food journal. I haven’t been keeping up with mine lately and it shows – in the tightness of my jeans and the looseness of my jiggly parts!!!! Poetic, right? So, today looks like this:













Dec 16


coffee – black




kitchen table


awake, guilt




1/2 2-egg omelette with veggies




kitchen table


a little righteous, no/low carb


no white food week



other half omelette




kitchen table


starving and deprived




coffee with 1% milk


kitchen table in front of computer

 OK but still hungry

 more water!



















It IS a good start to the week and my breakfast at Epiphany’s will see me through. Now for the exercise and ignoring the Tim Horton’s I have to pass every time I go to or return from work.  Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

doughnuts making fat


~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 16, 2012.

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