My Friend Had An Epiphany – Can I Have One, Too?

A friend of mine looked so happy yesterday I had to know what was up. She is almost always a very happy person and full of life, energy and positive thoughts. She always has something positive to say for me in my struggles to stick to my plan. We have the most wonderful talks about almost everything.

sunriseSo, why was she so happy? She had an epiphany! She had come to realize that she knows things about herself and her previous life experience makes her who she is today and NOW she has do something about it. This insight at this point in her life will now change her path but not her destiny! Pretty cool, eh?

I love it when the light goes on. I get those little epiphanies once in a while. I guess they’re epiphanettes. You know when you are standing in line for tickets at the theatre and you realize you could walk right in because you printed yours out already. Or that if you eat that extra piece of pizza you will gain weight.

I really want that big epiphany. You know, the one that will smack me upside the head and save my life. I’ve had earth-rocking things happen to me and I still don’t/can’t follow my own advice and smarten up. If I lost weight I would be healthier. I’ve been on the operating table more than 10 times and still doesn’t sink in. (Maybe anesthetic does cause long-term brain damage – hmmmmm!)

Back to my friend. Now she is thinking how hard it is going to be to do the things that will make her whole. It’s a mile stone in anyone’s life but they can come at anytime or..never come at all. She’s happy, scared and so freaking positive. She will achieve all she ever wanted but I think it looks different that what she saw when she was 19 for her future. Do YOU remember where you saw yourself in YOUR future? I never saw myself as a teacher! Seriously???  I was going to be single, and one of the most amazing costume designers since Edith Head. I’m not. But I am very happy. It turns out I’m pretty good at helping people learn – and not just Math or English – all kinds of things. OK, I’ll take all the little “a-ha” moments I see students experience as epiphanettes that I am where and when I should be.

It would still be really cool to get hit with a rocking epiphany!  Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

An Epiphany is when you realize why you were invited to lunch!

An Epiphany is when you realize
why you were invited to lunch!

Did you know there was such a thing as an Epiphany Cake? Blew me away, too. There are even gluten-free recipes! I want an epiphany but maybe the cake will do just fine! I really want the prize inside so I can be the Queen. The feast of the Epiphany is on January 6. It celebrates when the angels told the Magi about the birth of Jesus.

Epiphany Cake

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