Surviving the Company Dinner – I Got My Sour Grapes

Well, I did pretty well at the School Board dinner Friday night. I didn’t have any potatoes, bread or pasta. I had salads, chicken,  a little ham and roasted veggies. I was full. The dessert table ran out of brownies and cream puffs (Lucky for me!) so Norm got pumpkin pie and I had a ginger cookie square. It was small but delicious. The company was wonderful. The decor was nice. The lighting was flattering (very important at my age). We all looked nice. Over 70 of us attended and it was out in Deep Cove. No snow but bright, sparkling lights and the smell of fir trees set a great mood.

We had to sing for our supper. It was a buffet and, so there wasn’t a stampede, tables were drawn and had to sing the song on their table. We got “Oh Christmas Tree” again. It was the second year in a row. I only know two lines of the whole song and the first one is the title. I do know it in German, too, but you can’t fill an entire sone with two lines. I wasn’t the only one, so we let Caroline, the songstress, sing the the song and we did the Charlie Brown Christmas Singers imitation. Not bad.

My downfall was the wine. Refined sour grapes. The dinner was at the Muse winery so guess what we could order for drinking? Wine, cider, beer and there was a huge server of “DD” punch. “DD” means designated driver. I have no idea what it tasted like because I picked the cabernet sauvignon. Norm was my “DD” so I partook plentifully. It was nice and sharing with others was nice, too. There were door prizes and a raffle. We didn’t win the raffle but came away enough gift cards to but the Christmas turkey – a big one! Thanks to all the organizers. HÍSW̱ḴE. That’s  SENĆOŦEN for thank you.


It was definitely a wonderful way to start the food celebrations. We were invited out with the gang to the karaoke bar all the way downtown, but the grapes and really bad chairs were making my hip feel very uncomfortable and since Norm had to work the next morning, we went home. It was a good idea. I sure hurt Saturday morning. And then I spent two hours in Costco as I got my new tires installed. I loaded up on salami, La Vache Qui Rit (Laughing Cow) cheese, nuts, an entire pork loin, and even though I stood in front of the Flexees for awhile, I bought nothing to wear  for myself. Flexees are a miracle underwear that keeps me looking slim (Insert large guffaw here!). But I’ve got lots already. The down side of Costco on a Saturday is the crowds and the samples. They even were handing out samples of Tiramisu cake, Lindor chocolates and Ferraro Rochers. Do samples have calories? I had the coffee and antipasto samples – low calorie for sure.

It was a good weekend and we still have Sunday. The ibuprofen is working and I got my seven hours sleep. Thanks for listening. I’ve got more Christmas cards to write. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on December 9, 2012.

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