Caught Cheating!

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This is how I felt but not how Norm looks. He’s slim – Damn him!

Yesterday I had my bi-weekly doctor’s appointment but it had been a month and after attending a conference in Vancouver and the BC Ferry buffet, I was scared crapless to get weighed. I knew I had gained some weight. My husband had his every three-month appointment with me at the same time so they had us come in together. He was witness to my backslide. Dr. Fretz told me to accept the Mea Culpa and say two Hail Marys. Sigh. Three pounds more of me to love.

I do have an issue with one or two large indulgences (like a buffet with 3 kinds of cheesecake). I have a tendency to go overboard for the next couple of days (weeks) and then suffer the consequences of disappointing my doctor.

Yeah, that's what happened!

Yeah, that’s what happened!

So, I’m back on the plan. Christmas is coming and it’s going to be so hard to avoid the endless parade of goodies. I have some ideas  I’m even going to look for some sugar-free coffee syrups. I had a sugar-free vanilla one a couple of years ago and it made espresso, regular coffee, and even tea into something that tasted soooo indulgent. And when/if I stick to the No White Food Diet, I’ll at least stay the same over Christmas.

Nuts, cheese, smoked salmon and veggies and various rich dips (thank goodness for the current popularity of Greek yogurt) will be yummy and fit to share. Of course there will be candies like licorice allsorts (I hate the taste of black licorice) to satisfy other people’s need for candy. The chocolates will be the hardest to avoid. they’re so small and so good. That’s why I convinced Norm to buy cheap ones – I’m disappointed in them already and we haven’t opened them.

OK. I feel ashamed and contrite. I am back on the wagon and WILL do something active about it, too! But the School Board dinner is this Friday, so should I save up calories or carbs for that? Or just forage the roughage? Sigh – so much goodness so many calories. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane


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