Strider, Ambler, Plodder or McGimpy?

I’m starting walking again and already there are challenges from all around me. I mean I can walk but I need to WALK as an exercise and rehabilitation of my muscles. What kind of walker am I? Right now I’m the McGimpy. I have a definite  limp. I actually have a “gait”. A gait is the pattern of movements that show when I walk – which way my feet face, how far up I lift my leg etc… I have a Trendelenburg Gait pattern because of my hip replacements and displacements, traumatized glutes and adductors. I still use my cane most of the time. It has butterflies on it.

Sigh. It means I look funny when I walk.

At work the other day, Ang brought in 6 or 7 pairs of walking poles. Yep, those things that look like ski poles but are supposed to give you a proper workout while you walk. She was starting a walking group at work. It was going to be at 2:25 (break time) every day starting right then and there. I was asked to join them was pouring rain out, I wore the wrong shoes, I hadn’t reached that stage in my re-hab etc. I had a plethora of excuses. Ang set up the length of all the poles and was showing us the proper use in the upstairs hallway and  when Helen (in her seventies) picked up a pair and started down the hall, I couldn’t get out of it. Off we all went. Six of us poling down the hallway and back again. It seemed very relaxed and I felt pretty good about it. My legs liked it but I had to watch that my feet were facing the right way. My toes turn out and in, sometimes. We all laughed and then had to get back to work. It had felt good. Walking poles are already on my Christmas list. Not just for stability but the work out. Yes, I could feel the movement afterwards in my thighs, glutes and biceps. Yes, siree, my arms were getting a wee bit of work, too.

So am I a Strider? Long purposeful strides with head up and a destination in mind? Maybe an Ambler? Walking with a comfortable pace, wandering anywhere the scenery and countryside or cityscape takes me? Maybe I’m a plodder? That heads-down, get from here to there without too much pain – right foot up, right foot down, left foot up  left foot down – I will get there. Most of the time I’m McGimpy. I roll from side to side and have to focus on which way my feet go. But that’s one of things I’m supposed to be changing and I guess walking can do a plethora of things. I like that word plethora and will use it a plethora of times if I can.

Walking is aerobic exercise; it is good for personal mobility; it burns calories and helps build good muscle – burn bad fat! I guess it would help to walk with a group, too. I’ll do it. I’m running (OK, walking) out of excuses!

We’re all going to a conference in Vancouver today so we’ll all be striding next week at afternoon break. It sounds like good laughs and exercise. We’ll see. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on November 22, 2012.

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