Why Are There No Fat Stick Figures?

I was just wondering…why are there no fat stick figures. Why and how do we see little stick drawings as representation of people. I think snowmen are more real people shape. And what’s up with the triangle dress so you know it’s a girl not a boy stick figure?

Do they worry about gaining weight? Or about what to wear? Of course most of them don’t have mouths.

The reason I’ve been thinking about this is all the stick people decals you see in the back windows of SUVs and minivans. Sigh. There are even ones with stick figure cats and dogs. This is just another way for media to make us all want to strive for unrealistic bodies and personas. I did like the zombie stick family I saw on an older model Caravan.

I will never be a stick figure.I’m not quite a snowman style person. some where in the middle, I guess. Oh well, I’m assuming they diet and exercise to keep their trim figures. I guess they would be really good at jumping jacks.

Can you imagine Stick Figure Vogue magazine? It would be so funny, the women in the human version are pretty close to stick figures already. At least they wouldn’t need implants.

Okay, okay, I’ll get serious now and eat my mango yogurt with fresh raspberries and fantasize about BBQ for supper. The high protein stuff – no french fries or corn bread. Mmmmm. Then I’ll work out.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

OMG! I didn’t realize all this was a secret
It’s a hit squad!

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on November 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “Why Are There No Fat Stick Figures?”

  1. Are you stupid or are you stupid
    “Why is their no fat stick figures?”
    “Because sticks are supposed to be thin, and they aren’t supposed to look realistic”
    Also its not fat shaming if people millions of years ago didn’t draw fat stick figures, you obtuse fuck.
    I am a female and I am seriously pissed off at people like you, who say stuff like this is “female fatshaming” and plus, female fatshaming isn’t real
    If you mean Male and Female fatshaming, then yes, it is real.

    • Thank you for helping me get back to reality! You are so right, “Fatshaming” is just that – the shaming of fat people of which I am one who also happens to be a female. There is real fatshaming: advertising; comments by men and women at the gym; cartoons and comics; even at the Miss America Pageant. The people and industries that practice it have different standards for different people regard less of sex. Obtusely, stick figures are not drawn as fatshamers, just easily drawn representations of humans. I wrote this blog entry as a personal humourous look at the evolution of stick figures to animation and stickers for the back of our vans. The original stick figures of ancient caves were visual depictions of life and stories and I treasure them. I truly appreciate your feed back but did you have to swear at me?

  2. I really had not thought about why stick figures are always skinny, but you have to realize that they are STICK FIGURES, they are made of STICKS. But someone should start making “curvy figures.” LOL

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