TGIF – Thank Goodness I’m Fat

Thank Goodness I’m Fat. If we had a disaster right now, and were cut off from our food supplies, I would/could/even should, live longer with my built-in reserves.

With earthquakes and tsunamis on this coast and hurricanes and cyclones on the east coast, we have to be prepared. Water, food, armstrong canopeners and warm clothes – I have a small sense of safety.  Okay,  I’m not going to ever make light of disasters or other people’s ! I am preparing for the weekend. TGIF!

Happy? Content? Jolly?

Actually, I was trying to find the good side of being fat.

People think I’m jolly.

I have less facial wrinkles because of the puff and the fact that fat cells make estrogen so I look younger than my actual years. People look slim and healthy next to me.

People think I’m a really good cook. I am, and I’m not bragging.

I think there is a perception that I am very lovable and grandmotherly. Hmmmm, I don’t have any grandchildren but I love lots of people and

I am huggable.

I generate heat – ask Norm why we don’t need an electric balnket. But I think that’s true for most menopausal women. When I sit around the house I sit AROUND the house. (That’s a “Yo Momma” joke. With no disrespect to all the mothers out there. It’s just for the humour.)

But truly? There are more downsides to being fat than upsides.

People think I’m lazy.

They believe I can’t do much if I can’t even lose weight.

There are huge health problems associated with fat and it ranges from chubby to morbidly obese.

Stretch marks!

Puffing like a train when you’re doing aerobic exercise of almost any type.

Snoring. I didn’t believe it was my weight when I snored horribly but after losing 70 pounds I don’t snore very often, any more and Norm has actually awakened me with his snoring and he is nowhere near “fat”.

Airline seats and shoes don’t fit quite right.

Sugar free pop tastes crappy!

Oh well. I now have more incentive to have a really good TGIF. Because I am glad it’s Friday. It’s take-out-food night and tonight we get Chipotle-roased chicken and salads! Healthy and delicious and I don’t have to cook it.

I am giving thanks for being fat today so I can have a goal and direction for myself. I’m not aiming for the Ironman or runway modelling but a good healthy life. So, on that note; have a wonderful weekend. I’ll raise a glass of red wine to all!

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on November 2, 2012.

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