Getting Motivated For Monday

It’s Sunday and I’m getting ready to out to lunch with a friend. I have two feelings about eating out. 1) It’s a special occasion so I can have what ever I crave. 2) I still have to deny myself and just have what I need!

I think I’ll go with option 2! I’ve had a wonderful week filled with breakfast and dinner out and raspberry white chocolate cheesecake complete with a candle. I’ve had mimosas and wine, lots of wine. But, and here comes the big but (or big butt if you prefer). I need (and want) to lose weight. More weight.

I see my doctor on Wednesday for the BP and weight check and I know it will be a little up – the weight part anyways. Most diets start on Mondays with Sunday being the binge day. I will not binge today. So far I’m bad-carb free but I’ll have to look at the lunch options when I get there.

I am motivated. I’m walking way better and I got some new clothes for my birthday and I’m not overly comfortable with the snug-ness. Snug-ness goes best with hugs – hug-ness!

So there! I’m motivated! Monday starts right now! Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane




~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on October 14, 2012.

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