Revenge of the Leftovers and Write-offs

Whipped (Not mashed) potatoes
Tuna Casserole
Pumpkin pie
Whipped cream (emphasis on the “h”)
Cinnamon scone
Cranberry sauce
Salsa (2 tablespoons of the fresh one I made)
Roasted red pepper hummus (Shauna’s)
Spaghetti sauce (home-made)
1/2 a can of beer
3/4 bottle of white wine

My fridge is full! All of the above is in my fridge and the rest in there is stuff that is either new, fresh or on-going, like condiments, jam etc. And now I am torn. I made the Thanksgiving dinner on Monday so the girls and Dustin could be there. I made a 13 lb turkey, my infamous sausage stuffing, whipped potatoes and gravy, that are essential to holiday weekends. And I even had the pumpkin pie with whipped cream that I made from scratch and pumpkin from the garden. Now I am inundated with leftovers and huge guilt.

I worry that this is what my fridge will turn into!

Yes, guilt! I hate to waste food. I’ve already made 6 litres of my famous turkey soup so I’ve used the bones, skin, wings and leftover veggies – strained it all and picked off the good meat and the soup is waiting for us. But the rest only has a specific shelf-life. I worry about mould, bacteria and monsters growing in good food. I freeze a lot of stuff for later (maybe or I will have to do the throw away thing from the freezer, this time). I have the ubiquitous soup container where I can and will put the spaghetti sauce and maybe the salsa, too. That way the soup can have a Mexican angle! I’ll put the scone in a little baggie and put it in the freezer, too, for Norm for a quick breakfast. If I don’t, I’ll toast it and slather it with the real butter I always put out for holiday dinners.  MMMMMMmmmm it’s in the freezer NOW!

OK, now for tonight’s dinner. I’ll do “Hot Turkey Sandwiches” and use up the potatoes, gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce and some (most) of the turkey. Norm did get turkey-cranberry buns for lunch, so we’re on our way. I guess Shauna and Norm can finish off the pie tonight, too. I do believe there will be just enough whipped cream for a real Irish coffee for me. My treat with a few fewer calories than the pie.

Now, what’s left? Tuna casserole from last night (it doesn’t freeze well, I’ve tried), hummus, beer and wine? I guess I could have the casserole for lunch today and tomorrow and that would be that. I’ll ask Shauna what she wants done with the hummus or ask her to take to her office fridge where the guilt will go with it. What do you do with 1/2 a can of beer? I’ll Google it. Wow, there are a lot of recipes using beer. I’m going to make a marinade then freeze it for later.

Sigh, the only thing left that I worry about is the 3/4 bottle of white wine. Should I find a way to send it to the starving children of the world? No, I’ll donate to CARE and my guilt will be less when I sip the wine, myself.

Well, that feels better and I’ve already entered the casserole in my food journal for today. My guilt and calorie level have gone down – not away – just down.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on October 10, 2012.

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