A Little Brutal

I saw the Doctor today. My doctor was away so it was her locum (substitute) that I saw. She was a very nice lady who kept trying different cuffs to measure my blood pressure. I have huge arms/biceps. It’s not even all fat. They are just very big. I had gained weight and my blood pressure  was up a wee bit. But I had been doing more exercises right before I saw her. I did walk up the flight of stairs to the office, too.

We talked about how I had tried work for half a day on Monday and how exhausted I was. She commented that when I go back to my regular schedule it will be brutal. Big Brutal! Then she said that maybe, this month, I should do a “little brutal” to condition myself for the “Big Brutal”. I like the concept of that. It’s called training, right?

Right after that, I got an email from work to ask for a supportive quote from me, to be included in a proposal to get some new equipment for our minuscule gym at work. It’s actually an amazing place with some machines (some now needing replacement), weights, equipment, mats and a trainer! It’s used by students, staff and the general community.

So, now I have to devise a “little brutal” workout to prepare for returning to work. I’ll work on the “Big Brutal” complete with “Fitness Room” when I go back!

Prep for Return To Active Workplace Work

  1. Re-learn to set alarm – I have not set the alarm for the last 6 months. When I woke up was the right time. Don’t get me wrong, sleeping in for me was 7 am at the latest. SET IT!
  2. Find out how long it will take to get ready for work – I haven’t done my hair or put on make-up as if I was going to work in a long time. I’m not sure how long that takes and I have a new hair straightener. So sleekish!!! Do a dry run and show up dressed at the breakfast table.
  3. Test-run the clothes – Check that the “appropriate” work clothes are in shape for my shape. Do I have shoes that aren’t glorified flip flops? Try on all the fall/winter clothes I would (not would like to) wear to work and move summer and very casual wear to back of or out of closet.
  4. Do Daily Exercises – I guess I’ll be doing these every morning until told otherwise – Big Sigh, but they are working!
  5. Make and eat breakfast – I usually eat after Norm is gone but I’ll have to eat before I go to work so this will good for me and a wonderful time to journal everything! – Grocery shop with menu plan
  6. Make lunches – I can do this either the night before or the morning of – Stick to menu plan – see #5
  7. Drive in heavy traffic with a deadline set – I barely remember how long it will take to get to work in morning traffic – Do a dry run.
  8. Talk to lots of people – Find lots of different types of people to talk to, it is one of the biggest parts of my job. – ask friends for coffee/brunch/lupper and share with them – remember how to listen!
  9. Make supper – plan and make suppers for two and set time schedule as if working. – see #5
  10. Clean-up – Clean kitchen and living room spaces as if you we at work – try different housekeeping activities to see what I can tolerate. I don’t want to do laundry or vacuum. – set up shared work schedule for housework.
  11. Set sleep schedule – I’ll know when I’m tired so I will go to bed. – Remember to set alarm.
  12. Work in: doctor, physio and other appointments as needed.

Wow! Lots of stuff to consider, but it doesn’t look too difficult. It will prepare me, right? Then, in theory, I will be a little prepared for the Big Brutal first weeks back at work. And it will work out, the “little brutal workout” that is.

Thanks for listening. ;D

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on October 3, 2012.

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