Working the Circuit – Physio Strength-Building

Yesterday I started my Physio Strength Building Circuit. It’s no boot camp but my legs sure hurt this morning. Thank goodness for ibuprofin. Yes, both legs got a work out. My cardio wasn’t challenged but everything between my glutes and toes got a workout. My lower body muscles are like Jello. I need to build up my quads, glutes, adductors, thighs, calves, even ankles and feet. The actual names of most of them are way too silly.

So, I had to stand and balance on each foot for at least 10 seconds. My right leg is OK, not great, but OK. My left leg can’t do it yet. And it hurts. I have to stand straight, no leaning, balance and let go of  the rail (or counter at home). I’m up to 4 seconds before the wibbles and pain get me. It looks so simple but…

I can leg press 100 lbs! 10 reps worth! How come it’s so hard to balance? I can glute bridge but not too good on the 1 leg at a time, yet. Sigh, I’m working on it. And maybe eventually stand, walk and move without a cane. But – baby steps, baby steps.

Like this –
then in to your mid-chest.

I’m missing the aerobic portion. OK, I do the arm bends in the car. “Arm bends?” you ask. Well, put on some fast beat music and, only in the straight stretches or when stopped, raise your right arm up to your shoulder. Your hand is flat out, facing down and just at the top of your breastbone (this way most people can’t see it in your car) and your elbow pointing at the passenger window at shoulder height. Now, in time with the music (or as fast as you want to), swing your arm sideways towards the window and back and out and back as often as you can. Make sure you have complete control of your car at all times and there is no passenger in the passenger seat or you will have beaten them to a pulp. Not nice. If people can see you, and they will. You can wave to them, they already think you’re crazy!

Oh well, it won’t be long before I’m walking a mile in my real shoes. I’ve been wearing very proper, orthopaedically correct flip-flop type sandals by Clarks and Rockport. I won’t be able to see my pretty sparkly blue toe nails. Sigh, the advent of fall.

Enough of this. I want a pumpkin pie latte and I can make one myself to take the sting out of buying oil for the furnace! Thanks for listening to me build muscle. ;D

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on October 2, 2012.

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