The Fall Menu!

Well, today officially feels like fall. It was chilly waking up with the window open just a sliver. The first fall full moon was at 3 am this morning(Gotta love the alliteration!) and I have apples to peel and tomatoes and peppers to roast and turn into something amazing. Norm and I bought a few things at a farm stand in the Similkameen Valley on our way home from Osoyoos. Apples, peppers, plums, acorn squash, Russian garlic, and Walla Walla onions. Now what to make? We have amazing tomatoes so, roasted pepper and tomato salsa? You can even roast the garlic and onion. I could do that but I have to go buy limes.. I am finding it very hard to find fresh basil though.  I would love to make tomato sauce and bruschetta but I can’t without real basil and I think it’s more summer than fall. I did get a wonderful squash and that is so fall. I guess that means I’ll have to make a pumpkin pie soon, too. I’ve actually got some pumpkin puree in the freezer from last year. I’ll make an apple pie or two, too

In Canada we celebrate the harvest with our Thanksgiving on the second Sunday of October. So fall foods will include the ubiquitous (love that word and don’t get to use it very often) turkey. Turkey is definitely a fall food! The leaves of the maples and alders haven’t changed here, yet! But…the kids are back in school and the nights are getting longer. So, I guess I will be thankful for the late and very dry summer.

Cabbage, squash, yams (I like to think of them as sweet potatoes but I’m told they are all yams), carrots (the slim kind still coming out of gardens not the thick over-wintering types), russet potatoes (with thin scrubbable skins not yet hardened for winter), and onions of all kinds.  And now the ones I don’t like: broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. I’ve got some zucchini and cucumbers still in the garden so pickles, relish or something would do those up, too. Everyone knows what happens if you forget a zucchini on the vine.

Sigh, so much work but so much joy. I love food. I love eating. I’m going to need to buy a stool for the kitchen so I can sit and work instead of standing. My hip is getting stronger but walking is still very dependant on the cane and even sitting needs the right kind of support but I’ll get there.

A new season (yes, I know it started a week ago but the weather and my head did not agree) and a new committment. Food journal, physio, work prep (I need to get back into the work-world psyche) and dig out the long pants and see if they fit.

Back to fall foods. Some of them have few calories but most are either starchy (high carb) or need sugar, fat and salt to make them sooo delicious. OK, I won’t eat the turkey skin or very much stuffing but the turkey is good for us. Right?. I will eat the cabbage, yams, broccoli (stems, the family can have the trees), carrots (yes, lots of carrots), apples (not so much pie, though), pickles, salsa, and the last of the lettuce in the garden even though it has blossomed and will reseed the garden for next year. I will leave the pastry, potatoes and  pies for others to enjoy. I’ll use whole wheat flour so they think they’re being only a little bad. I’ll make some zucchini bread and find some hazelnuts for a nice low-carb apple cake.

I can do fall foods. I can make them fit in my weight-loss menu and I will be extending my walking. I get to try out a couple of machines at physio this week, so my leg strength should get better and I’ll get a bit of an aerobic and cardio workout, too. I sure need the whole package. It’s like my life has been on hold for more than six months.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on September 30, 2012.

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