Is Busy Better?

I haven’t been able to write a blog for just over two days now and I’m feeling a plethora of emotions.

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Guilt – I could have done something
Anxiety – I haven’t given it much thought and may be all over the place
Relief – I can do what I want! It was not lasting pain (see below)
Anger – I’m acting out with potty mouth at my own lack of planning
Excitement – I went to a working session and am recharged but can’t go back to work, yet
Sadness – I can’t go back to work yet
Fear – I had a lot of pain yesterday and wasn’t whether or not I had undone something
Pain – I felt a lot of it Tuesday and Wednesday
Happiness – Talked to my boss and got lots of acceptance and good news
Surprise – A former student is returning and he says because of me!!!
Anticipation – I’m taking a short road trip to Hope then Calgary and back to see friends
Love – I have such a wonderful husband and amazing daughters, it fills me up

I have been very busy over the last three days and it has exhausted me. I had a glorious sleep last night and feel energized. I can see why people keep themselves uber-busy so they don’t actually register the emotions/wants/needs they have. As the wisdom of the Three Amigos show us; not all is as it seems.

So, I’m off to catch the ferry off this island and remove myself from the safe isolation an island gives me. Ha ha, I’m making myself laugh. It’s a big island, we’re not very isolated. But knowing I can do some things and that I need to limit others made me look at what “busy” will mean to me over the next month. My Dr. has told me another month and a half of not being at work full-timeish (I normally work 4 days a week). I now know why and I can count crocheting, e-mailing and face-booking students (past and present as part of being busy. I can do more physio and examine my eating very closely to protect what I’ve accomplished so far.

I am not handicapped (but I appreciate the sticker in my car), I am differently -abled. I am unique as we all are in some way. We have different wants and needs. I will build up my courage and state what I need and ask for help and accommodation. But I will mourn the fact I can’t go on the school camping trip. I will embrace my plethora of feelings and deal with life.

I may not be able to post anything for a few days so I will miss you . Thanks for listening. ;D

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on September 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “Is Busy Better?”

  1. That Three Amigos video is hilarious! where did you find those guys? is it from a longer movie? called Three Amigos?
    Have a super trip D. Missed you at the camping trip. Miss you at school too. We’ll see you soon though!
    Be well.

    • Yes, it’s from the movie of the same name starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase. You’ll love it. The library should have it. And so far we!ve had glorious weather and wonderful friends. Thank you and I can imagine the camping was wonderful.

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