If it’s Bean Salad, What is it Now?

I’m tired of my own bean salad and I know it’s good for me but…3 nights in a row??? I don’t know how to cook for only two people. Usually that’s not a problem but somethings you can’t freeze for later meals – like bean or cucumber salads.

I cannot stand the idea of food going bad because I didn’t eat it!  But I can’t eat it all. I’m full and tired of it. I think I’ll put what’s left in Norm’s lunch, if he eats it great and if he looks at and throws it away without me knowing – then no guilt for me.

You see, I was raised in the “starving children of _(fill in needy country here)__ ” would love to have this food. I never figured out how my eating everything put in front of me or throwing out something we’ll never eat would feed the starving children of the world. I also know that almost every child of my generation offered to send our food to the starving children of the world. That’s why we still support CARE etc. But Mom wouldn’t let us parcel up the liver leftovers.

Food does go bad if it’s left out or in the fridge for too long. If someone asks you, “Does this smell OK to you?” Throw it out! Why do people always want other people to smell bad things? Ewwww! I just found some peppers in my fruit drawer and one had mould growing on it. I forgot that when the veggie crisper was full I put the overflow in the fruit crisper. The furry one (it really just a spot but…) got composted, so tonight, we are having Moroccan turkey sausages and peppers. I have some frozen brown and wild rice mix that will go nicely with that.  Yes, it was one of the times that I cooked a full recipe on purpose then parcelled it up in “Norm portions” for later meals. I asked for, and got, a Seal-a-Meal last Christmas. It’s paid for itself already.

My food guilt drops when I give away food (potential leftovers), like when the kids come for dinner. For instance, I always give Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner leftovers to the girls so all of us have the re-runs. I gave Leanne some of my homemade basil/arugala pesto and we all enjoyed it. I’ve now got 4 pounds of small but beautiful Roma tomatoes that I will make sauce with(before the fuzz comes). The girls might get some or…the Seal-a-Meal would work, too.

Not too many guilt puppies today and I’m not feeling the crave morsels calling. YET.

So, thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on September 12, 2012.

4 Responses to “If it’s Bean Salad, What is it Now?”

  1. hopefully the “re-runs” isn’t what it sounds like! ha ha!

  2. The getting others to smell food – I have a real issue with milk. I will not smell milk. So if it says it goes out of date today then I’m throwing it bec I refuse to smell it!

  3. EXACTLY! I refuse to be nauseated!

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