No White Food Today!


It’s definitely a “No White Food” day. I need to purge the Kit Kat Chunkys!!!!!  Our local $ store has these amazing Kit Kat Chunky chocolate bars that are highly addictive and so easy to buy and hide store  around the house. But, no more. I truly need to get the sugar out of my system. I got the message yesterday. I haven’t gained anymore weight but with the freedom to drive a bit more I thought I would stop at the $ Store on the way home from my Dr. appointment. I could pick up a few things (yes, including at least one Kit Kat Chunky) like the push pins Norm needs.

Well, I went to Cobs bakery and picked up two – count ’em, two) soft, white rolls for sausages for supper. So, on my way back to the $ Store I thought I would drop the package in my car. Oh my Goodness! I couldn’t find my keys. I always clip my keys to the loop on my purse when I get out of the car. But, obviously, I did not do this. Because getting in and out is such a chore, I was careful to get a bag to carry things in and as I was getting out with my cane and purse with the grocery bag in it, I locked the door from inside. So, when I went back t the car, there, in the cup holder, were my keys. Sigh, I must have put them there when I reached for my purse, bag and cane and forgot to clip them on. Sigh.

Oh well, I did have my phone and my car has free roadside assistance so I called them. They/she asked for the last 4 digits of my VIN number. I can’t remember my own phone number let alone the VIN number of my car. She said, and I quote: “It’s just on the inside of your driver’s door.” I cleared my throat, my voice went an octave higher and I answered: “Well, if I could read the inside of my driver’s door, I wouldn’t be locked out of my car.” She paused, made a nervous laugh and said; “Oh, I guess that would be so.” She proceeded to ask: year, make, model, colour (of the car), my name, address, phone numbers, purchase date and city and the name of my first born child. OK, the last one was a lie, but it felt like it. She then proceeded to tell me that the roadside assistance had expired. She said they could help me out for a $75 surcharge and maybe I could call my dealer.

Whaaa? My car has a 10 year warranty. Well, it seems that my Roadside only is 5-years and expired this year on June 15th! Really big sigh. I’m now on an outside bench at Millstream Village, between the Marble Slab Creamery and Booster juice. I called  Mitsubishi because they always take great care of me and my car. the guy said; “Yep, it expired. I’ll see what I can do.” And I didn’t hear from him again.

I was also very near the BCAA outlet and went in asked if I got a membership today  could I get a service today. She smiled indulgently and said “No.” It seems there’s a 48-hour activation period but for a $25. surcharge they could help me. Sigh, again.

Ice Cream IS a white food.
Even if it’s chocolate!

The good news, Bill Pollack, the owner of Marble Slab Creamery and a former neighbour of ours offered to drive me home to get the spare and back to my car. All I had to do was wait until his daughter came in at noon. Yes, I waited in an ice cream shop and succumbed to chocolate/peanut butter ice cream with Skor bits mixed in, in warm waffle cone. Off we went, I got magically into our house (Note: Secure back door better!), got my spare key, said “Thanks, Bill!” and got home in time to go to physio where I worked my abductors for the first official time. I am blesses with wonderful neighbours and friends.

It wasn’t until I got back home that I realized my car stopped me from getting a “Kit Kat Chunky”. I will heed this lesson and so far today have avoided bad carbs and processed food. At the moment I’m not craving any sugar or bread. I just had a nice piece of chicken. I hadn’t locked my keys in my car on over 8 years and it will be a long time before i ever do it again. I will not be buying any Kit Kat Chunkys in the near future and I’m only stiff today not sore.

Life is good. Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on September 5, 2012.

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