I Really Want a Grilled Cheese!!! Attack of a Crave Monster!

I’m suffering the attack of a massive Crave Monster! This is beyond a crave morsel. This is the Grilled Cheese Crave Monster! He’s basically a very happy Crave Monster because grilled cheese sandwiches are a comfort food so the crave monster isn’t too, too scary. The side effects are a little hard to live with, though. I’m trying to be good and with my tummy’s reaction to too much bread (insert much pain, bloating and threat of the Ripley), I know I can’t eat too much of that type of food. Of course when I am supposed to be trying to lose weight I’m not supposed to eating all kinds of foods, or very small portions of the craved foods. But really how small can you make a grilled cheese sandwich?

Every family has their version of the “Grilled Cheese”. I was brought up with a grilled cheese consisting of: 2 slices of margarined white bread (both sides eventually) and a Kraft cheese slice. They were cooked on our waffle iron, which had reversible plates so Mom used the flat side and it made two at a time. The greasy, golden brown, melty prize was cut into four triangles then arranged picturesquely on a plate with ketchup on the side for dipping. MMmmmm!

Now-a-days we have sandwich makers, paninis, at least 200 kinds of bread, and a variety of fillings that make Kraft cheese slices seem like crap. These are still glorified, grilled, cheese sandwiches. But that doesn’t keep me from the Crave Monster from attacking.

I am going to list some of the grilled cheese sandwiches that I have made and would revisit if I gave in: it is also understood that any, repeat, ANY bread can work and if it was in my house I probably used it.

  • cheddar cheese + onions
  • pesto + edam (worked with cheddar, too)
  • pizza sauce + pepperoni + cheddar or mozzarella
  • bacon + any cheese (+ onions or without)
  • ham + cheddar ( can you tell cheddar is usually in my house)
  • pulled pork + cheddar + BBQ sauce
  • ham + turkey + cheese
  • etc.

Me: Back you greasy beast!

Crave Monster: (In a low, growly tone) Was that your stomach that made that noise?

Me: You know my tummy talks to me all the time but mostly after I eat. I’m not hungry any more.

Crave Monster:  (Louder) I can hear your mouth watering.

Me: Nope, not any more.

Crave Monster: (High-pitched yell) You can’t fight it any more. Fire up the griddle and make one.

Me: I don’t think so. Too much mess and I think writing all this down got it out of my system.

Crave Monster: (Pleading.) Come on! Can’t you smell that rich, buttery toastiness? You know you want it.

Me: No thanks. I’m done.

Crave Monster: (Small fading whisper.) Please, make one just for me. I’m starving. I’ll waste away to nothin….

I have Exorcised today!!!!  Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on August 30, 2012.

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