My Blood’s Working

I saw Dr Fretz early this week and all the results of myblood tests were back. Guess what? My blood is working: sugar normal(lower than before), cholesterol good, nothing else abnormal!!!! Yea!!!!! But my weight was up. I kinda knew that was going to happen because, as I told you earlier, I’ve been eating everything in sight and out of sight, too. What can you do when you have fantasies about cornmeal-battered Walla Walla onion rings? Big sigh!

Oh well, I feel like crap today. My back aches. My hernia is acting up and I dread the rise of the Ripley. It’s cool and cloudy out and I don’t feel like doing anything! But I will. I’m getting together with a couple of friends for brunch. I won’t be eating much but tea sounds nice. It’s laundry day but since I can’t carry the stuff up or down the stairs or load the washer I really don’t have much to do with that. I depend on Norm to do so much for me. Oh-oh, I hear the guilt puppies whining at the door.

So, what do all the motivated people in the world do when they feel like crap? Do they just smile and suck it up? Do they put on a Marx Brothers movie and laugh? I really don’t know. I guess we need these days so we know when we have it really good. If we felt fantastic all the time we couldn’t empathize with those who feel like crap.

I’ve counted my blessings this morning but I still don’t feel like coming out of the hole. At least I have a nice comfortable hole to hide in. I guess I’ll make myself do stuff then the endorphins for goodness and happy will kick in. Right? Getting dressed will help. I’m not even wearing my fluffy slippers. OK, Diane. Do it!

There, I’m dressed, I washed my face (and age-fighting creamed it to bits) and I’m making a list of things to get done today. This blog was one of the things on my list. I didn’t feel like writing but now I’m glad I did. I have vented my spleen (figuratively but maybe, by the feel of my stomach area, literally, too). I have acknowledged that I am in control of certain things and must just rise above the things I can’t control. I can watch what I eat (tee hee hee – as it goes into my mouth). I can thank those around me who help me. And – at the end of the day – I will give thanks for all my blessings and rest peacefully. Wow – really maudlin isn’t it?

Well, have a nice day and thanks for listening. ;D Diane



~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on August 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “My Blood’s Working”

  1. When I feel like crap I cuddle my dog, play mandolin, talk to my wife and sit outside to watch the garden grow.

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