Detours on the Roads to Dreams

I’ve had to take official and unofficial detours on my travels this past week, so prepare yourself for a crap load (metric measurement) of metaphors. Of course that is metaphorically speaking. Twice, I took what would be my normal route home from physio and both times ran into the same detour. What did I not learn from the first time? Duh! Maybe it would be different this time? Maybe I thought the road work would be finished.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline!” – Napoleon Hill

My goals and dreams are all askew because of my hip surgery and the resulting time off work, road to recovery, and the backslide on the weight train. (Sorry for mixing the metaphors but they are just slipping out all on their own.) I just got thrown another detour! I called orthopaedic surgeon’s office to confirm my appointment next week and was told it would be postponed for a month! Whaaaa????? I got more that a little panicky and started asking a ton of questions (OK, I may have sounded like I was crying and yelling…) and got it moved to halfway into September. I was hoping if I saw him next week I would get the go-ahead to go back to work. I get my x-rays this week. I know they (the wise doctors) say I need months and months of recovery for the bone to grow and the muscles not be overworked but really???? Can’t I do that some other way than sitting around my house? One of my dreams (and I can’t believe I’m writing this) is to do real aerobic exercise in this calendar year! I’ll make that a goal after I see the Dr.

I’ll take this year as the year of the detour around: my weight loss; travelling back east; teaching a Volunteer Management course; re-doing my bedroom; emptying the closets of “stuff”; planning for retirement; and overthrowing the government! Any government – I want a “gimme it all” pension, too! But, look what I have discovered on my detour: I can blog!  I’ve started 4 books. Someday I’ll finish at least one of them. One of my dreams was to be published and I accomplished that back in the ’90’s. It wasn’t the great Canadian novel or a slim volume of poetry but an “Introduction to MacIntosh” manual closely followed by the sequel “Intro to Microsoft Works for MacIntosh”. Sigh! It did teach me something profound: I could teach! It set me on a new path to where I work today (when I’m allowed to work).

I like taking detours. They are spur-of-the-moment road trips! I can see new areas I haven’t seen, I can discover new places to shop or eat. I can meet new people and have a new adventure. But, sometimes it makes you late if it takes too much time or you get flagged down by those Oh-So-Happy-Flagpersons. I have a thing about being late – I was brought up in an Armed Forces family and you were NEVER late. And, sometimes you can get lost. I mean, I can get lost. I hate getting lost, because it is that feeling of total loss of control. That’s how my life feels right now and my GPS cannot help me get back to where I was going. Where WAS I going? Crazy!?

It IS weird how life happens. Crap happens! It Does make us look around and ask; “What the hell is going on and what the hell am I supposed to be doing?” I know one thing I’ve restarted on my road to health is my food journal. Yep! I wrote down the toasted egg salad sandwich I had for breakfast (only 1 slice of multigrain bread, eggs, low-fat mayo and lots of black pepper, green onions and a touch of celery). I also had 3 cups of coffee so I’m doing OK. Mid morning snack is calling me. Some yoghurt should will do it! Oh, yeah I’ll fill up the 1 litre bottle and do two of those today! I do not want to get hangry!

OK, I’ve waxed philosophically enough for today. I’m going to go read, “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies“. A very interesting book, I like it way better than Austin’s. Thanks for listening! ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on August 21, 2012.

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