Dog Days

Layla at Thetis Lake

I’m calling this long weekend the “Dog Days”. We’re (Norm is really) taking care of Layla, the grandpuppy. She’s actually very easy to take care of, even overnight. Norm is also taking care of our neighbour’s two dogs while she’s away for the weekend. He just has to go over, feed, water, let out, play with, talk to, monitor, play with, throw the ball to and let in, let out  and play with the two dogs. Sadie is a lab cross and Chance is a pomeranian. They bark at Layla so we don’t let them all play together without another pair of hands. So, in one way, this makes this weekend – “Dog Days”

The temperature on our deck went up over 90° F yesterday. We don’t usually get temperatures that hot, here in Victoria, and it was GLORIOUS! But does this mean it’s the “dog days” of summer? Wikipedia says those are the hottest days of summer and are ruled over by Sirius (the star not the digital radio provider). Sirius is also know as the Dog Star. Hmmmmm interesting?

These are also the BBQ days – the true dog days of summer. Hot dogs of every type. I love hot dogs and when I was on my No White Food Diet, I ate a lot of them. And, unless they are veggie dogs, they have virtually no carbohydrates. Of course I did not eat the buns, but Norm did.

Hot dogs do not actually have dogs in them as far as I know. Yes, they can be made with all kinds of meats and all kinds of bits and pieces, but I truly believe that what we don’t know cannot hurt us. You know, I like a really good country pate but I will not eat liver – go figure! Yes, I know there are lots of things we don’t know about that will hurt us but not food. OK, maybe additives; bacteria; hidden kale; expiry dates …

We know that hot dogs are a type of sausage and, for the purpose of using hot dog buns correctly, (Thrifty Foods has wonderful chipotle hotdog buns) anything in this blog that goes into a hot dog bun I will deem a “hot dog”. Typical wieners (the official name of  regular hot dogs) are very finely ground meat(s). They can be beef, pork chicken, turkey, bison and/or any combination of those meats. They can be made from prime cuts or “lips and assholes” as my Dad used to say. They are usually packed 12 to a package so each is a perfect portion for the meat allotment in a diet. We’ve now come way beyond the plain wiener and include all types of sausages in the “hot dog” category for summer and BBQing. And for me, BBQing is the best way to prepare any type of hot dog. Producing a nice caramelized exterior enhanced with a complimentary BBQ sauce with a moist, flavourful interior and a delightful”snap” when bitten is the epitome of the summer hot dog experience. (Wow, I should be writing copy for Oscar Myers or Schneiders. I made my own mouth water.) My Mom used to boil wieners and I don’t even remember eating them except with fried onions and lots of ketchup. But when she fried them – heaven. I grew up in apartments so we didn’t have BBQ and only got great hot dogs when visiting the cottage where they were either BBQ’d or done on the stick over the fire.

Wiener Mac and Cheese!

My kids still treasure the fall tradition of having a wiener roast at Goldstream Park when the salmon are running. There is nothing like the smoky, fire-roasted, all-beef hot dog eaten while shooing the crows and ravens off the chips and the memorable smell of rotting fish in the background. Definitely a family memory. So, whether it’s a smokie; a Jamaican Rum sausage; a Kosher wiener; or a dog from the cheapest pack with the all yellow wrapper – a hot dog will bring a smile and memories to your life.

Enjoy the dog days of summer and next time I’ll wax poetic about bologna. Thanks for listening. ;D

Eric Clapton’s LAYLA! 

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