What the Heck is Unnecessary Eating?

I was just reading a posting on the WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) Support site and the title grabbed me: “6 Ways To Avoid Unnecessary Eating“. Don’t you have to eat to live? So, is everything beyond basic sustenance (love that word) intake – unnecessary?

Oh, it’s the “head hunger”, when you think you need to eat but you have eaten enough already. Sigh! I do KNOW this. The author, Jean Hamilton, has lost over 300 pounds, herself. I can’t even imagine being 300 pounds over weight let alone losing that amount. She did do it via gastric by-pass but she did and still does, need to work the weight loss and maintenance diet. Weight loss surgery is not the magic bullet a lot of people think it is. Her suggestions, which I am NOT going to put here so you will click on the link and read them yourselves, are simple, tried and true. I’ve actually suggested most of them in my blogs already. But we can all do a refresher and reminder. OK, I’ll paraphrase.

1) Drink water – any sugarless or unsweetened water  (Wow, I think I did this one to death but it’s not over yet  – insert maniacal laughter here!)

2) Chew sugarless gum. (Hmm, I don’t do this one because I never know where to spit the gum. Unless I’m in traffic – tee hee hee!)

3) Floss and brush your teeth. I talked about this one. It works. Click HERE! for the “Full of Hot Air Blog.)

4) Suck on highly flavoured, sugarless, candies. (Beats the Crave Monsters I guess.)

5) Go for a walk. (This one soooo good for you! It’s really hard to get into your fridge or cupboards from the sidewalk around the corner.)

6) Find a hobby to keep your hands busy. (When I first read this I thought it said hubby – that would work, too.)

I hope these help! I know I always need reminders and I’m Wonder Woman. (I still and always will – wonder why!)

Thanks for listening and go have a glass of water – for me. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on August 4, 2012.

One Response to “What the Heck is Unnecessary Eating?”

  1. I thought it said “hubby” too! LOL!

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