The Excitement of Grocery Shopping!

Not my local grocery store but one in Washington state and I couldn’t resist posting it! They have much courage!

I got to go grocery shopping this morning. I made my list from the flyers that come with the community papers and told Norm that if we went early in the morning (before 9am) I would really like to get some groceries. I would use my walker if he would push the shopping cart. He said, “No problem.”

I was actually excited. I have not been able to do any grocery shopping for a month and I like to pick out my own produce. I do have to admit that, since not doing the grocery shopping, we have spent way less than I would if I went alone. Norm only buys what is on the list. I buy what’s on the list; what’s marked down; what looks good; what I may be low on; and, of course, what appeals to my crave monster at that moment!

We didn’t get much meat because I stocked up before the surgery and there is only so much room in the freezer downstairs. I needed more unflavoured and flavoured greek yogurt. We got Tater Tots for Norm. Norm and I were brought up in the meat and potatoes era of North America and I was Home Ec trained so that every dinner meal had meat, a starch (usually potatoes) and two different coloured vegetables. Then he got to pick an ice cream flavour he liked. I don’t eat much ice cream so I can keep it in the house. Also, the ice cream goes in the freezer in our fridge and it’s a bottom freezer so I have a really hard time getting into it and am not supposed to bend over that far, yet. So, it’s kind of like locked away from me unless I ask some one to get it for me then they would know I was eating ice cream.

We got whole wheat pastas, corn on the cob, broccoli heads (99¢ lb), a huge cucumber, fresh scones for Norm’s breakfasts and a few other things on sale. Out side the store was a huge selection of plants but the ones that caught my attention were the pots of basil. Normally (Or is it usually? I’m not really sure which is more appropriate here, so you can choose which word you like here and I will continue to write.) we grow basil ourselves, but, for the second year in a row, it didn’t germinate. The pots were full of great plants so now it’s on my kitchen counter and I can use fresh for cooking.

This is a local chain called Thrifty Foods and our local store isn’t all that big and if you in the middle of the day on a weekend you WILL run into everyone you have known since your kids were in preschool, so, it takes a long time to shop and talk, to say nothing of all the other people doing it too and blocking all the aisles.  It’s actually part of Thrifty’s motto. “Smiles in the aisles, for you!”

We finished pretty quickly and got to van with only three (re-usable, of course) bags. I got my exercise and Norm helped me in and out of the van and put everything away for me. I am very fortunate to have him do so much for me and for that, he can have all the Moose Tracks ice cream he wants. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 28, 2012.

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