Whining (Cidering, actually) About Pain and Waiting

I had a heavy-duty physio session yesterday that included a pool session and I hurt this morning. My lower back hurts, my muscles hurt. Even parts that haven’t been operated on, are sore this morning. The Victoria Arthritis Centre is where I’m having my physio and they have a little pool. It’s bromine pool and has rails and steps all under water. It is also nice and warm. I guess I did a lot yesterday, because I’m sure sore, today.

I got to use the HandyDart again and when I left the house yesterday afternoon, closed the door behind me, I knew I had locked my keys in the house. Sigh! Oh, well, I would probably be home close to 4:30 and Norm would be home shortly after that, I would be OK.

I had a very intense (hyperbole) work out- almost floating in the pool and lying on my back in the gym with ropes, pulleys and weights. After my session I went outside and sat in the sun and read until my HandyDart was scheduled to come. Around its due time, a Yellow Cab pulled up so I ignored it and the driver got out and asked me if I was Diane Kirby. I said I was and he said he was my HandyDart ride. I was gobsmacked. Wow, no complicated tour of Greater Victoria; no start and stop for pick-ups and drop-offs of the group I’m usually a part of as we wind our way to the far reaches of Langford. The driver said that when they are short of drivers or buses and have made the commitment to pick up people, they contract with HandyDart to do the trip for the regular fare, $2.50. I know it’s not a cheap trip. It took less than half an hour to get to my house because of the highway and the meter showed almost $40.00. I felt like I was ripping someone off. He helped me out, got the walker and all my gear out and I gave him a $5 for the extra service. As he drove off I remembered I didn’t have a key. I also knew that the front door and basement door that I usually use, were locked but… maybe the sun deck door got forgotten when we all left the house in the morning. So I parked my walker at the bottom of the deck stairs and caned it up to the deck. Nope it was locked, too. More sighs. Of well, it’s a covered deck so I parked myself in a chair, pulled out my book, let the sun tan my lily-white legs and waited. I was being to stiffen up a little. It was a little warm and I was a little thirsty. And I saw the cooler on the deck and remembered that the cooler is usually the beer overflow. I looked in. CIDER! So I took one out, cracked it  and enjoyed the unplanned but incredibly pleasant hour wait until Norm got home. No aerobics for me.

Waiting’s not so bad.

It’s amazing what can make pain intense and how we can cope with it. Whining seems to make things worse even when you are expecting it. I don’t know if I believe that alcohol (cider etc.) is a pain reliever but a relaxant that lessens the intensity of pain. Actually I don’t even care. I just want less pain. It is truly wonderful to enjoy unscheduled/unforeseen changes in plans or your expectations. Waiting makes you stop, breathe and enjoy the world around you. You can watch people, take in nature, and enjoy the view. You can take the time and clean your purse, read, sun bathe and talk to people.

Sitting on my deck, listening to the birds, reading and enjoying a warm cider was good. I forgot to feel any pain. It was very good. Whining would not have helped. I’ll have to remember that. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane




~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “Whining (Cidering, actually) About Pain and Waiting”

  1. As long as you are feeling pain you know you are on the right side of the earth.

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