Summer Food vs. Winter Food

Warm soup for winter?

I had a discussion with a friend the other day over why we gain weight in the winter or why I gain weight in the summer. Sure we eat more “hearty” food in the winter and more salads in the summer. But doesn’t the cold make us burn more calories just staying warm? Summer means BBQ food and attendant beer, wine etc… and then there are things like chips and salsa and potato salad. I do not surf, I do not ride bicycle (which in Victoria, is a YEAR ‘ROUND activity). I do not run. But then again I am not into the winter sports and activities either except for Christmas shopping which, any woman my age knows, is a year ’round activity.

Summer pasta salad?

I eat soup in winter and summer. I also eat salads in summer and winter. Some things are only available during certain seasons and we are SUPPOSED to adapt our menus to include seasonal fresh ingredients. Spring brings us great things like: lamb, strawberries, asparagus, sugar snap peas, sprouts of mixed greens. Summer specials are: berries, fresh fish, new potatoes, tomatoes, zucchinis, broccoli, peaches, cherries and, of course, corn. Fall harvest things are squash, apples, pears, pumpkins, turkeys, sweet potatoes and nuts. Then some winter ones: cabbage, carrots, cabbage, turnips, pigs, potatoes, and anything you can find at the local grocery store.


I made pulled pork last night and the leftovers will make sandwiches for a while. We have a roof on our deck and that means we BBQ all year ’round. Norm did cut me some fresh lettuce out of the garden so the salad was fresh but it IS available year ’round now. And most meat and fish are available year ’round, too. Beef is great stewed, roasted, fried, BBQ’d and carpacchio (I don’t personally know how to do this or whether it’s a winter or summer dish).

I don’t think of summer as bikini season since, I, never did or never will wear one. Winter is the “get ready to fit into your party dress” season. Actually, I just buy a new one. I don’t think there is or should be any competition for which is the best season to eat healthier or unhealthier. Is what YOU make it. So eat healthy all the time!

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane


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  1. Made my way to this page from google and and am very glad i found it, hope you keep up the good work.

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