Food Fit For A Goddess – I Got A Venus’ Flytrap

My friend, Nansi, came to visit me yesterday and she brought me a plant. People have been so generous to me and I’ve received quite a few things since my injury and surgery, like flowers, fruit, and books but this plant is a Venus’ Flytrap! Really! It is so cool. But, then, Nansi is really cool, too! I touched one of the little red pads and it actually closed on my finger! I can’t wait to feed it a fly. Is that bad? Plants need to eat, too. This one is not just all about photosynthesis but carnivorous. Would a vegetarian Venus Flytrap be a cannibal???? Could I feed it tofu or tofurkey?

Oh well, if this amazing plant is called a Venus’ Flytrap what connects it to a goddess, especially the goddess of love? Is it the way it lures its prey? Does it mean that the goddess, Venus, eats anything that “bugs” her? That brings us back to food.

Freya – the Norse goddess of love and fertility

What food is fit for gods and goddesses? I do not mean to cast any fun or frolic on the religious “Higher Power” you may believe in. That is not my place. I am reflecting on the gods and goddesses of myth and legend. The first one that comes to my mind is ambrosia. It was an essential part of the Greek pantheon’s diet; that and nectar. I have a recipe for ambrosia but it’s ambrosia salad – click if you want the recipe, it’s pretty good! I understand that the Norse gods ate Freya’s apples. I like apples. I don’t know where to get Freya’s apples but check out your local fruit and veggie market, her apples are supposed to give you eternal youth.  That seems even better that one a day keeping the doctor away. They also had a couple of wolves that ate the sun every night and the moon every morning. I could not live on that diet. Maybe moon pies and sun cakes.

According to what I could find on the internet, Egyptian gods and goddesses ate meat, bread and wine. I could live with that! And how about the Mayan and Aztec gods – maize and cacao. I like both corn and any form of chocolate! The Japanese say that three kinds of rice and saki are fit for the gods. There are many African Gods and their food varied – for example: Shango asks for the following for his feast day:  bananas, apples, cornmeal, okra, red wine and rum. Sounds very healthy and fun!!!!

Well, that doesn’t really help me when it comes the concept of feeding bugs to a pretty carnivorous plant. Personally, I don’t like bugs even to see them, let alone eat them. My friend, Wendy, ate a deep-fried tarantula in Cambodia. That only goes to prove that everything tastes better deep-fried!

Maybe I’ll just watch and see what flies into the Venus Flytrap. And I’ll think about eating these critters. Of course I will have to exercise them back off. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 21, 2012.

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