Flummoxed About My Future!

My spellcheck even told me how to spell flummoxed. I wrote the title today with only one “m” but it turns out there are two, who knew? I guess someone knew if it is in the spellcheck. I wanted to say gobsmacked but I was/am more flummoxed than gobsmacked.

I saw the specialist yesterday and got my dozens of staples out. The nurse actually took them out and kept apologizing that they were a little grown over – so very, very gross and a little painful. Then the doctor came back in and asked how I was doing. I said I thought I was doing pretty fantastic and I asked my questions. 1) What went wrong with the first hip replacement? 2) Can I use the 4-wheel walker?  3) When can I drive my car? 4) How long before I can go back to work?

He is an efficient man and answered them.

1) Maybe the cup did grow in then stopped. We’ll never know. It happens. The new one will do well if you follow your regimen of exercises and do as you’re told. “I told you can take 6 months for recovery.” This is where I became flummoxed. I feel pretty great and seem to be getting around my upstairs very well. Sigh.
2) Yes, use your other walker and in a couple of weeks you’ll be on your cane. (Much cheering here.)
3) Three months but we’ll look at that at the end of August. (Insert large sob here!)
4) It depends, we’ll have to wait until I see you in August (30th is the appointment and work starts the 27th, sigh!)

I’m in the middle of filling out the long-term disability forms (my short term runs out at the end of next week) and the Dr gets to fill in their part, too. I’ll go talk to Dr. Fretz, she always untangles the crap for me.

I even called HandyDart yesterday. Yep, I qualify and need it to get to my physio which across town from where I live and I’m not allowed to drive and the family is all working etc…. Thank goodness for HandyDart but they had no spaces for today. I’m supposed to phone at 8 am in case there are cancellations. It’s a good thing Shauna is off today. She loves me.

So, can I work? Will I be able to work? It’s mostly about getting there, up the stairs, toting my stuff, setting up classrooms, manoeuvring around rooms and having students come to me and not me to them (defeats the purpose of one-on-one help for school work). Let’s be honest, most adults think they look weak if THEY ask for help. If the teacher is mobile and checking on everyone and helping everyone then when you get your help it’s just part of the normal way. It works. Filling in the forms, I guess it will have to be after the 30th of August.

Do you know what’s bothering me even more than work? Driving! I need to drive. I now understand what it means to lose your driving privileges. It’s like cutting off your legs. Oh, wait, my leg was almost cut off. Sigh. The pity is pouring in on me…help!!!!!!

OK! I’ll deal. I work out my flummoxisity. I’ll do as I am told. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 17, 2012.

6 Responses to “Flummoxed About My Future!”

  1. You got hip replacement surgery? I fear that is what is in my future, since I have so much trouble with my hip. How did you figure out you needed it?

    • I had pain all the time in both hips and I waddled fro side to side. Eventually I walked with a cane got x-rayed and diagnosed wit osteoarthritis and the only way to get it fixed after all the cartilage was gone is replacement. Had both done and it was glorious until this past year and now I’m revised and recovering. Get and early diagnosis and lose weight. My weight made it even worse.

      • I’ve lost 57 lbs so far, but for me the pain is getting worse. Partly because I’m active and walking ALL THE TIME for my exercise plus I have some walking distance goals. I find if I don’t walk more than 5-7 miles at at time, it doesn’t bother me too much, but much more than that and I have to start in on the ibuprofen. I don’t want to give up walking–it makes me feel good about myself and it is helping me to get in shape, and I’ve got those goals and all. But I’m also worried somewhat about any damage I may be doing to my hip! 😦

      • Congratulations on the weight loss! It will help! Get a diagnosis. Walking is one of the best exercises in the world but I had to give it because of the pain. There are physiotherapists and personal trainers that can help you develop a program to strengthen your thigh and calf muscles so your hip joints take less of the stress of walking. I’ve had friends who also benefited from walking poles! ;D

      • Unfortunately, I have no health insurance nor a way to pay for a doctor. My husband has medicare, thank goodness, but I’m neither old, nor disabled, so I don’t qualify. It’s frustrating. But thanks for the complement and if I can ever manage to pay for a doc, I will definitely go!

  2. Sorry to hear that but….see if you have an arthritis group near you, they will probably have way more info for you than I would! Keep up the good work and great attitude.

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