Where Am I Aiming?

“Most people aim at nothing in life… and hit it with amazing accuracy.” Author unknown!

I guess it’s time to start resetting goals. I said “guess” on purpose. I don’t really feel like setting any goals. After the hip surgery just 16 days ago I had some goals like: standing; getting in and out of bed; proper walker-walking (there are rules, you know); and taking a shower. I accomplished all those goals and have rewarded myself with much sitting around (with the 4 inch foam to keep my legs at least than a 90 degree angle).

So, what now? I think I will wait to see the surgeon tomorrow. I know I’ll get my staples out, directions and time lines. I’ve been told by so many different people: doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, etc., that it will take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4 months to be “recovered” enough to go to work. So do I aim to do as I’m told? That would be a great strategy. I can’t risk disturbing bone growth and muscle recovery. I’m not allowed to use my adductors or is it my abductors? I can’t remember, I just know they are the muscles at the side of your hip that holds everything in and lets your leg go sideways. It’s weird having to turn around using tiny little steps and no pivoting and no sliding my leg sideways to get out of bed or into chairs. There be lots of bum-shuffling going on.

Back to aiming. One amazing thing I’ve learned about myself is blogging as journaling. I used to keep a diary-type journal. Then as I grew old

er, i did the stream-of-consciensnous journal. I like that but I would never let anyone else read it. Then I had to keep food/emotion journals. Very eye-opening but boring to do. Then, last October, on a suggestion of someone who wanted to know my progress in weight-loss, I started this blog. My aim was to get my goals down on paper to keep myself honest with myself. I got so much more. I can go off on tangents; play with words; add recipes; connect to healthy and fun things; and add music! I was aiming for personal honesty and got the moon (see illustration above).

When I talk about aiming it has to include goals, right? But that then brings in the concept of a bow and arrows. There is that whole “straight as an arrow” concept but most arrows don’t go very straight but arc. Good archers just have to make adjustments for wind; distance; their fletchs(the feathers at the end of the arrow); the type of target etc. It comes down to what they want as an outcome. So, what do I want? Work? Paycheque? Security? Happiness? Adventure? Fame? Sigh, I need to do this exercise to see what it is I really want for where I am right now in my life.

I like the sense of fulfilment that my work gives me. I like the emotional warmth and contact when I’m not locked the house. I like when people tell me they read my blog. I do not like being bored or tired. So, I’ll do some work and set some goals and target with rationales. I need a psychological and emotional reason to set a goal. A health goal isn’t enough. I need a target that I can test the wind for. Then I can aim at it. And, as we all know, not everything goes as planned or aimed. I can live with that. Look at what’s happening now! I’m always looking for the good stuff in all the crap! And we know there is always something good, right?

Thanks for listening to my targeted rant. My aim was to dump and please, so – enjoy!!!

;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 15, 2012.

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