Sweat’n in My Moldies

Real Capris on Audrey Hepburn!

Sounds like a Richard Simmons video doesn’t it?  First I’ll tell you that my “moldies” are not green furry things that grow on me and produce penicillin. They are my summer pants that, once worn in the heat, mould themselves to the shape of my body. And my body is plentiful. These are currently called capris but since I grew up in the era of REAL capris, I just call them short pants even though they are a little closer to clam diggers. Then there are the fabrics available now-a-days. Everything from denim to lingerie silk. Sigh, these are just crinkle cotton. Cotton is good when it’s hot. It doesn’t stick to you too much. And if it’s already crinkle, the wrinkles don’t matter much.


We’ve been waiting a long time for summer here in Victoria and I since I’m recovering with my feet up a fair amount of time, it is time for the summer pants. Everything from shorts to jeans can be summer pants. I do have a couple of very long (altered from 4X) sundresses but when you have to raise your feet onto the couch or ottoman, not so flattering. It will be pants today. I want to sit on the deck, there’s real sunshine and hummingbirds out there. There’s air out there. OK, there’s air in here, too but really….

When I talk about “moldies”, women know what I’m saying. Most of us have some sort of clothing, that as soon as you put it on a wear it, it moulds then bags in certain places. In pants it’s usually the bottom and knees. And we all know that where your knees are sitting is not where they are when you are standing or walking. Anyone who has worn “yoga” pants knows where their moulded areas are. These are stretch pants with memory. “Memory” means that they are supposed to snap back to their original shape. “Ha!” I say “Ha!” They only go back to their original shape when you wash them (Take that Lululemon!). Well. my “moldies” are kind of like that. It’s really only the the knees that bag out with their cute memories of my strong knees. This especially happens with a wee amount of moisture either in the air or my perspiration. I’ve discovered since being out of the hospital, that even a small amount of exertion results in perspiration. I guess this means I’m doing aerobics and getting some exercise. I know I’m doing a lot of house walking with the walker. It all helps. But, at least, today I am dressed in “real” clothes. Of course I have my clutchy-reachy-grabby thing to help me pickup, pull up and place all items of clothing etc. I’m a little heartbroken about my clutchy-reachy-grabby thing because I broke it. A friend gave me my clutchy-reachy-grabby thing on my first hip go-round and it was the Cadillac of its type and I broke it where it folds. I’ll have to get Norm to get me new one.

Yep, just about that ugly, too.

But back to pants. There are so many styles and I get a little put off by the names given to them but that’s OK, I’m from a different generation that actual grew up with capris, clamdiggers, pedal pushers, Bermuda shorts, etc. I’m not the Daisy Duke type and I did wear gauchos and palazzo pants in the ’70’s. But let us celebrate all types of pants and all fabrics. I, for one, applaud the return of parachute cloth! So here’s to harem pants, Daisy Dukes, cut-offs (with and without pockets showing), yoga pants, boxers on the outside, board shorts, Hammer pants, floods, cropped pants, flares, bellbottoms, stovepipes, pegged trousers, elephant, dungarees… all of them.

Sweat in your “moldies” and get comfortable. If it’s a short summer we will have celebrated wonderfully and if we are blessed with a long one, we will rejoice and buy more pants!!!! Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 5, 2012.

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