Detours on the Journey of Life!

Sounds pretty cliché, right? It is. But, they sure happen and you have to roll with the punches/metaphors. I’m now recovering from 3 hours of surgery that corrected (I hope) my loose hip socket in my pelvic bone. At least they didn’t have to replace the end of my femur this time but my muscles were sorely (literally and figuratively) abused. they had to dislocate the whole left hip, take out the old hip socket cup, clean things up (I figure a Dremel would have worked well), fit in a new cup, add a couple of screws (there was only one last time), then put the tendons and muscles back and staple me up. So where does that leave me? Doing recovery and rehab, but at least I’m at home.

Now I have to reset my priorities. Six months ago, my main priority was to get our students through their courses and the school year. I was also working on losing weight. I had a short-term/long-term goal for that one. Then came the incident that closed part of the road. I fell at my Biggest Winner class at the gym and loosened my hip socket even worse to the point where my left leg would literally go sideways out of the socket. So much for work and exercise. Part of the detour was to sit at home and wait for repair surgery. I finally got it and now…

My students did fantastic without me. They accomplished a lot of their own goals and their journeys are continuing. Now, I’m aiming to be back at work for September. The recovery time for hip revisions is all over the map but usually 12-16 weeks. I don’t do an extremely active job so I figure I can still do some of the recovery and stuff and work, too. I will do everything I am told (I want this to work – I do NOT want to have to undergo THIS again).  I will continue my weight loss journey! And it seems that I’m even getting a wee bit of writing (inner journey) done as well.

Ironic, or what?

I love the metaphoric concept of detours. Detours make things interesting. I normally like interesting. Of course I am aware of the ancient, Chinese curses, “May you live in interesting times.” and “Be careful what you wish for.” My GPS unit even has a setting to avoid detours. I had to think long and hard (30 seconds) about that one. Does it detour around detours? I know when I’m on a road trip, and I love road trips because we usually have a deadline not a destination, we find the most interesting people, places and things off the main road.

So, what is a good short-term goal/destination for today? I will finish this blog and answer/deal with ALL my emails. (Good one, Diane, and do-able!) Now what about a destination for the end of July? Hmmmm. I will see doctors, physiotherapists and family and WRITE down what needs to be done to be prepared to go back to work in September. Yeah, that’s a good one with lots of wiggle room and opportunities for exploration and “detours”.

Well, enough for today. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on July 4, 2012.

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