Cider Inside Her

I’m having surgery on Friday and I’m not supposed to drink any alcohol because it’s a blood thinner and I could bleed a lot during surgery.  I don’t drink that much to begin with but I love alcohol. All types of alcohol. I collect it. I live on an amazing island loaded with wineries, breweries, cideries, and even a couple of distilleries. Two weeks ago I visited two cideries and still have some Rum Runner and Somerset in my fridge. I think the Somerset will make a wonderful Mimosa when I’m allowed to have it.

So why am I fixated on alcoholic beverages? I’m sure it’s a collection of things like genetics (I’m of Irish descent. They almost invented distilling!), nurture (my Dad was a sailor and duty-free liquor was always around. Hell, they gave it out everyday on the ship!!! Pusser’s Rum, fun!), adventure (Exploring the alcohols of foreign places and the local liquor store is so much fun. Candy stores for grown-ups and I use that term loosely), and, of course, my love of taste.

Right now, in my house, I have eight bottles of vodkas in all different flavours from all over the world. I am even going shopping today to buy some lemongrass so I can make “cucumber vodka” for the summer. Sounds fascinating doesn’t it. I know the tastes of rums from all over the world: Cuba, Jamaica, Porto Rico, the Philippines, Screech from Newfoundland, and light, dark, spiced, pusser, overproof, amber etc. I did an amazing tequila tasting in Quintanaroo in the Mayan Riviera. I even own three drink books including a Playboy Cocktail paperback. Does anyone even care what a pony glass is anymore?

Sigh. I guess it comes down to health not taste. And when you are dieting, what can you have in the hot summer/cold winter that won’t send your calorie or carb count over the moon? A shot of unsweetened spirits (nice name for a heavy chemical concoction that your liver reads as a poison), has no carbs! So, mixed with water, diet pops, or straight; a person could feel righteous about not cheating on their diet. Hmmm..or not. All alcohol does have calories. And as we have learned before. If you take in more calories than you burn off, you will gain weight. If your excess calories are all alcoholic ones, you will seem happier but will suffer a list of things: malnutrition; brain cell death; liver toxicity; addiction; alienation of family and friends (unless that’s who you are drinking with); loss of memory; depression; the appearance of large fuzzy snakes and unidentified bruises. Hmmm, I guess it seems there are more negatives than positives to drinking as a weight-loss strategy.  You run the risk of becoming alcorexic. I’m on the edge of obese and morbidly obese (damn that BMI) and do not want to be come an alcorexic.

Dana, martial arts instructor,trainer and nutritionist extrordinaire, told me about how the liver works so hard to burn off the excess fat in our body. So, when we diet and exercise, thus burning off more than we are taking in, our livers will burn fat very efficiently. But, if we drink alcohol, our body reads it as a chemical drug (It is THE most abused drug in the world!), it gets sent to the liver to be metabolized. Our liver drops everything it was doing (burning up fats and sugars) and concentrates, for at least 24 hours, on getting rid of the “poison” we ingested. Crap! So much for the fun.

I want to be healthy. I will monitor the alcohol I ingest. I will continue to explore world of new tastes and share my collection of alcoholic finds with my world. I will NOT overindulge, or encourage anyone to overindulge. Beer, wine and spirits are all drugs and not all bugs need drugs (Sorry I had to include that even though it is a reference to asking for anti-biotics for viruses, it sounded cool.)

I am still going to make my cucumber vodka. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on June 25, 2012.

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