What Do You Do When You Reach Your Goal?

My oldest daughter is coming home from San Francisco tonight. She was a member of Parky’s Peddlers who cycled all the way from Victoria, British Columbia to San Francisco, California in 14 days! 1600 kilometers. She did it. They all did it and they have raised more than their goal of $25000. But, she said to me that night, “What do I do next?”

I don’t know. I have set so many goals and not reached them and then I have reached some and they have led to other goals. Maybe this will be the turn-around goal for her and she will KNOW that she can do anything. Both she and her sister have strong determination but a tendency to undermine their own confidence. I don’t know where they get that from (insert snort of sarcastic laughter)!

I guess it goes back to WHY you set the goal. I want to lose weight. THAT is not enough of a goal. For success you have to make the “plan”. I need to rationalize it. (Why do I want to lose weight?) How much do I want to lose? (OK, this makes sense.) When do I want have lost it by? (Really awkward grammar but probably the hardest part to set and be realistic about. A time line would help here.) And, of course, HOW am I going to do this? (This is where you/I break it down into the individual steps. The smaller the steps the easier it is to achieve them. Attach each step to place on the timeline. Remember you can adjust the timeline to match what you can realistically do along the way.) OK. Step back and look at your plan. Can you do it? Will you do it? When are you going to start? Who are you going to tell? (This can determine who gives you help, assistance, support and the occasional KITA- kick in the ass.)

Now… Do it. Two of the easiest words in the English language to say or write but two of the hardest for me to put into action. I create fabulous action plans (that’s what you just did) and very realistic, matching timelines. But starting is hard. That’s one of the reasons I started writing this Blog. I realized that if I published what am I am doing, people will know whether I’m actually doing it or not. Of course this not written in stone. Put once it’s been put onto the world-wide web, it can last forever. Holy crap, Batman, I’m really intimidated now.

My horoscope for yesterday, today and tomorrow all say I need to be realistic and live in the real world. I need to look at what I need to do and do it! Hmmph. The newspaper is telling it to me, too! Ok, ok. I’m starting another journey on this coming Friday when I get my left hip revised. Maybe I’ll be able to walk without a walker or cane. Wait, there is no “maybe” I WILL regain my ability to walk. I want to walk around Langford lake with both my girls, Norm and Layla, too.

Reaching a goal is just the beginning of the next journey. Celebrate!!!!!! You might as well have some control over your goals then step back and enjoy the journey! Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

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~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on June 24, 2012.

2 Responses to “What Do You Do When You Reach Your Goal?”

  1. Congrats to your daughter, you must be so proud.

  2. She is amazing and what she has done is amazing. Now we deal with the enui. Thanks for all your support!

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