Medicine Wheel – My Head’s in the Clouds (Part 3?)

My head has been taking me many places I didn’t want to go lately. It’s kind of like the Big Wheel of the earlier blog. I am an intelligent woman. I know a lot and I think (Ah, a connection to the head, right?) I’m educated. But there is so much I don’t know.

It’s hard to open your mind when you’re stuck in the house with TV, the internet and your (my) own thoughts. The more I don’t want to obsess about food, the more I obsess about food. I need to work on the intellectual part of my medicine wheel. I’m doing two things for my head today. I’m getting hair cut and going to a graduation ceremony for one of my adult students.

The haircut is something that makes me think I look better. And when I think I look better, I feel better. Mind over matter, right? And I will look good for the ceremony tonight.

Tonight, Robert, who went back to school to finish his high school, will graduate! I feel so much pride for him. All together there are four adults who will celebrate with our school next week. I had a very small part in their success and they have been/are part of MY learning. I firmly believe that the day I don’t learn anything is the day I pass from this earth (and the learning part isn’t a sure thing, even then).

The Intellectual section of this medicine wheel (my medicine wheel) connects with the element of “air”. Air also is the element connected to my astrological sign – Libra. Hmmm, is the cosmos telling me to stop and smell the roses? That changes are in the wind? That we can grow with every breath we take? Is the cosmos telling me that breaking wind would break my connection with opening my mind or sinuses???? SO what is it about air that helps us grow intellectually. I’m amazing at Trivial Pursuit (the original version) and Jeopardy (except the American History and Presidents categories). But when it comes to doing the “smart thing”, I’m not so smart. So, if I breathe deeply before eating and fill my lungs and heart with pure air I will succeed, right? Alright, I think I need to mix the breathing with the drinking – water – drinking – WATER!

OK, the chart above also connects the intellectual with the “Warrior”. Warriors need discipline to accomplish their goals. I’m not so good at certain types of discipline but I can be good at fighting carbs, fats, and the government. Well, truly? Not so good at winning, just fighting. The Art of War by Sun Szu talks extensively about being and using the warrior (War is part of the word warrior, right?) So why am I not using my warrior intellect to fight the fat battle! You always have a higher chance of living through a battle if you use your head not your sword. Sigh! I really like swords. Actually, as I write this, I’m envisioning my mental (intellect) sword cutting bad foods from my life and cutting through the bad tapes I play in my head! (I’m old, they’re still tapes not MP3 files playing in my head.)

So, the Medicine Wheel turns and I am learning. I’m learning how to live my life so I will be here longer. I am learning that people reach their goals and I can never learn enough. My intellectual warrior will be fighting with me not against me. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

PS: Enjoy the song.

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on June 21, 2012.

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