Taking a Flight – The Liquid Testing System

A Beer flight

I love trying new things. I don’t always try things I think I will hate but a quite few years ago I discovered that you could get a flight of wine at a restaurant. I got a chance to try their wine list. Then there was the flight of beers at Spinnaker’s with pairings such as chocolate and cheeses. Sigh. Recently, my daughter, Leanne, took me to Sea Cider in Saanichton for Mother’s day and a flight of cider and a ploughman’s lunch. Did you know that a ploughman’s lunch is all cold stuff that farmers used to eat in the field: crackers, bread, cheeses, sausage, chutney and pickle. Out here smoked salmon is often included. I don’t complain. The ciders were amazing and then for Father’s Day we went up to Merridale Cidery with my sister, Dale. It was a glorious lunch and because she’s on a diet I got to be really good on mine, Norm got my potatoes. And we had a another flight of ciders. Of course I got to bring home a bottle of Somerset and Dale got a small bottle for her bag lunch on the Clipper to Seattle – smoked salmon included. She has been to number of tastings and in Kentucky even had a whisky flight.

A flight of bourbons!

Did you notice that there was no “e” in that whisky? Bourbon and Scotch are whiskies without the “e” and Rye and Irish are whiskeys with the “e”. How the hell do I know so much about alcohol? I don’t know, but it sure is fun. In Jeopardy I always win in the “Potent Potables” category. I actually own eight different vodkas at this moment. Sigh! Okay I collect them not drink them.) Now I remember a tequila tasting when I was in Mexico once. That was amazing. (Insert more sighs here!)

A flight of flavoured milk

I think we need flights of milks and milk substitutes. Especially for those with sensitivities.  Could you imagine the flights? Milk: Homo, 2%, Skim, Chocolate, Goat, Lactose-free. Then the substitutes: Soy – Sweetened, vanilla and unsweetened; Rice; Almond – vanilla and plain etc….. It would be so much fun!

I truly believe that tastings and samples would quell the desire for gluttony. I love having a tiny bit of things because it allows you to NOT like things. Tastings also gives all of us a chance to be pretentious. Taste really is individual. I like tequila but a lot of people don’t. I like dark roast coffee. Some people don’t. None of my siblings even drink coffee but a tea tasting with a flight of greens; a flight of blacks; and a flight of herbals would be wonderful! Hmmm – new idea!

Oh well, I guess I’ve said enough about flights for now. I’m imaging all kinds of flights for the exploration of domestic and exotic tastes and places. Set up a tasting at your house. What a great party! Get everyone to bring a wine, beer, or tea and set up flights for tasting and enjoying. It could be fun to share. But drink responsibly or have lots of beds available for the overnight!

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on June 19, 2012.

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