Is It In Our Blood?

My oldest daughter, Shauna, is on day 6 of the 1600 km Parky’s Peddlers bicycle ride from Victoria to San Francisco. We’re keeping in touch by Facebook and she’s doing so great. Riding 119 km in one day then pitching your tent – I couldn’t do it. But she and the rest of the group inspire me and many more.

She left last Friday and our house seemed empty without her. And once again my passion for cooking (Yeah, right!) was yielding leftovers. The other night I made a killer Shepherd’s Pie. I love Shepherd’s Pie and Norm likes it, too. Shauna and Leanne hate it. I told her on my Facebook message to her and her cousin (on my husbands side) said the exact same thing happened when she left home. She deduced that the love/hate of Shepherd’s Pie is genetic. Hmmm.

What else is genetic? I mean in the things we like or dislike. Norm’s a full-bore beer guy. Shauna is all about the beer and is becoming quite the aficionado. Leanne and I are more about the ciders. Nobody but me likes tequila, so maybe it was my Dad. And then there’s hockey. I grew up with it – it is Canadian, but I don’t drop everything unless my team (teams) are in the finals and the fight for the Stanley Cup. Shauna PVR’s it if she’s working late. Norm will park himself where ever he is to watch the game. That was my Dad, too, but he watched all sports including golf. really, watching golf? But I do have to admit that watching golf in high def on a 53″ screen is pretty. Food wise? let’s look at apple sauce. I like applesauce as a snack or dessert but Norm, Shauna and Leanne like it with pork chops. Eewwww! My Mom would put it out with pork but I couldn’t do it. All four of us are about chocolate and french fries. Not together of course.

Shepherd’s Pie?

So are our taste buds inherited? Black pepper is a favourite of mine, and Shauna and Leanne. Of course I cooked with this stuff and served it to the kids but….why don’t they like Shepherd’s Pie? It doesn’t contain shepherds or mutton. It’s the hamburger and gravy kind. They don’t like stroganoff either. Hmmm. It’s making me think. Oh well, I know our tastes change as we age and as an adult I can do mustard now when I couldn’t when I was a kid. Leanne cannot (will not) do condiments. BBQ sauce maybe, and Chipotle Mayo but only with sweet potato fries. What’s weird about that is that my youngest brother, Doug wouldn’t do any condiments either. I remember going into a McDonald’s with him in ’72 and asking for a plain hamburger and it took them a while to find out if they were allowed to make one with nothing on it then to make it. Sigh. Genetic? I think so.

Now, What will the next generation carry forward? Food, sport, shower vs bath? We will have to wait. And as you have a glorious day, please help fight Parkinson’s with Parky’s Pedders!

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on June 13, 2012.

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