Man Calories vs Woman Calories

My husband pointed this out to me as he was reading today’s Times-Colonist. He laughed, I smiled politely. Men and woman usually view dieting differently. Men also have different BMIs (body mass index), metabolisms, chemistry and hormones. (Yeah, I know, some of that was redundant but men read this, too.)

Women built made to be strong (We have muscles in places men don’t even know about. Girls, do your Kegels!). We are built to withstand famine and have fat reserves in places like our bum, breast and abdomen. (Damn, I could use a famine right now.) And of course, we are built to bear children, lots of them. Mind you, thousands of years ago women started bearing young as soon as they were physically mature  and usually died before menopause. Now, women get have many years without feminine sanitary products. Sigh. But! Being able to bear children makes our hips wide, breast adequate (silicone and saline implants do not, can not feed babies), puts a bit of fat on our tummies and bums. When we get pregnant almost all of those things get bigger! We will be needing those extra reserves (calories in holding) to carry the baby, birth the baby, then feed the baby. Nursing burns calories big time. Of course, in the 21st century, we don’t need all the reserves we have for these essential functions but…our bodies think we do. Women have to work so hard to fight against tens of thousands of years of evolution. Our metabolism is efficient for a “Stone Age” woman not a “Starbucks Age” woman. Now, after we give birth it can take up to 30 years to lose that fat accumulated from our last pregnancy. I’m working on it and should have it gone by next year! But I’m not blaming my babies.

Balloon Animal
Illustration of male support muscles.
You guess!

Men utilize calories on a different way. They need more to exist and burn theirs more quickly. Men were originally built to be strong and fast. They were all about fight or flight!  They have some different  muscles than women. Well, maybe the same muscles but they look very different. Men have a ridge on their head to support that huge jaw muscle (it was for chewing not talking, I’m told. Ha Ha Ha!) Their pectorals do a very different job than women’s. When was the last time you hear of a man’s being “perky”?  Did you know that there are even pelvic floor exercises for men! The most amazing muscle that a man has is his “Molson” muscle. (I’ve put a link here, click on it for clarification.) So if men do not have six-pack abs they may have a “Molson” muscle, also know as a kegger.

Now, for men and women. we have been told by the highest authorities on weight loss (TV) that when we are stressed, men or women, we make more cortisol (a natural steroid) and that tells our bodies that we may need energy later. So our bodies store fat around our abdomen for future use. Sigh. We don’t usually get chased by sabre-toothed tigers, velociraptor, or our partner’s ex, so we tend not to burn these reserves off. But…once again the ubiquitous “but”, men burn these reserves faster than women.

It’s just not fair! Women have work physically hard to burn off their reserves and limit their calorie intake. And, since we take in less to begin with, we have even less on our plates than men get to have. For Norm to lose weight just by diet, he can cut out one beer a week. For me? I have to go to 1000 calories a day, total, AND exercise. But I’m proud of my loss and I will inflict my diet regimen on my husband, too. Why? Because his (also my) Doctor said so. Eat that Dr. Oz!!!

Thanks for listening. ;D

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on June 12, 2012.

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