Birth Days

Birth days are special times. Twenty something years ago I woke up at 2 am soaking wet. I thought my water bed had sprung a leak. Nope, I had. Oh well. I didn’t feel anything except excited so I grabbed a few towels and went back to bed. But at 5am I had my first contraction. Oh my goodness. It didn’t really hurt, hell… yes… it DID! Why had I chosen a natural birth this time?

My first baby, Shauna, was an emergency caesarean, so I had a choice of another caesarean or a trial of labour and natural birth. I hadn’t gone through any of the stages of labour with the first one and was knocked out for the actual birth, so I said, “Let me give it a try”. Silly, silly, woman.

Leanne checking out the world!

But let me go back a bit. Shauna had her first birthday and we were really enjoying being parents and thought it might be nice to have another one. You know, the traditional 2 year gap. So, we started trying in late August and guess what! Yep, right away I was pregnant again. This time I had a toddler in diapers and morning sickness pretty regularly. Hmmm. I also grew big very quickly. So quickly in fact, the Dr. thought it might be twins. Nope. Just one and the baby would come after 40 weeks and the due date was June 5. No problem. I had worked up until 2 weeks before Sauna came so I figured it would be way easier being a stay at home Mom. Ha, we all know that Moms work 24/7. I did start napping when Shauna napped. And I don’t remember any night-time Tv from that pregnancy. I ate everything in sight and sent Norm off to the Dairy Queen down the road for Hot Fudge Browne Delights. We looked at our cute little 900 sq ft house with the dog and cat and thought, we should probably get a bigger house. So, we sold our house and bought a 5 bedroom house way out in the ‘burbs of Langford, then known as Shacktown. We were moving into a newer subdivision, onto a cul de sac, around the corner from an elementary school, 2 blocks from a neighbourhood pub and a stones throw from a spectacular provincial park complete with spawning salmon.

So one month before the due date we moved. My doctor was keeping a really close eye on my blood pressure in case I had issues like last time, so I wasn’t supposed to lift anything or stress too much. Try doing that with a child turning two and toilet training; sorting; packing; unpacking; sewing new drapes; and carrying a big baby. I wasn’t used to stairs and my calves hurt and ankles were swollen but we did it and our house was (still is) glorious! Family came from back east and we adjusted as much as you could in one month. My brother and his wife came for a visit and at 6 am, after I had my shower and packed my bag for the hospital, we woke them up and asked them to watch Shauna while we went tot he hospital. I was in labour, nice rolling contractions that made my toes curl. We had great nurses and wonderful doctors. Because I had a caesarean before I was only allowed 12 hours of labour then it would be surgery. I used everyone of those hours and could not get past 8 cm dilated. Sigh, so they gave me an epidural, and with Norm at my side, Leanne came into the world. They put her on my chest and I was so filled with joy I was speechless.

We have been blessed with two beautiful girls who have grown into amazing women! Today is Leanne’s birthday. It is also a full moon and Venus is tranversing the sun. remarkable events, all of them! I’m glad we celebrate birthdays with cakes, balloons and favourite foods. These are reasons for celebrating life! And life is a glorious thing to be lived and shared. So, thanks Leanne! And the rest of you, thanks for listening. I’m still working on losing my pregnancy weight (ha ha ha). ;D Diane

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