Going the Limit and Being Inspiring!

My eldest daughter is in the Goddess Run this morning. It’s in support of the Women’s Sexual Assault Centre and 1500 women are running their hearts out for an amazing cause. But it’s not just about this cause. She’s doing/has done a bunch of things that inspires me to do more, too. Running and cycling thousands of kilometres over the last year. On Friday, the 8th, as a team member of Parky’s Peddlers she starts her 1600 km in 14 days, bike ride from Victoria, BC, to San Francisco, California. I balk at driving this distance. Why is she doing it? Because she is supporting Alf Todd and his family in their re-run of family cycling trips done when the kids (3 of them) were children. Alf has Parkinson’s and he wants to do it one more time with his kids and in support of research and support of Parkinson’s. Yes, they are part of Team Fox, the Michael J Fox initiative to make the world aware of what Parkinson’s is and does. If you want to support them, too, or just (and I mean only) make a donation just click on a link.

But the organizations aside, watching Shauna train has been an eye opener for me. I’ve never really done this kind of thing, physically training, that is. I know both she and her sister, Leanne, have trained before but I just made gross assumptions that, as young women, it was easy for them, especially if they were playing soccer or getting ready for work qualifications. I have hip surgery coming up on the 29th and I haven’t made any attempt at preparing for it other than whining. I need to stick to my diet so blood sugar will not be an issue. I will work on my upper body so I can move my own body after surgery. I will strengthen my right leg so I can balance for rehab.  I will do my chair aerobics so my lungs will not lose any O2 capacity for during and after surgery. I will stay hydrated so my body gets a good cleanse and is prepared for IV and (oh, no, the dreaded…) catheter!!!

I look back and see their strength in mental preparedness, too. Anxiety for them, from them, for me and for a variety of reasons. I’m going to be putting them through a lot, too. I talked a couple of postings ago about role models and super heros. We are surrounded by heros everyday and they don’t have super powers or really cool uniforms. They are who they are and they are doing extra ordinary (extraordinary) things everyday. We beat fear. We beat negativity, We beat decades of bad tape and comments in our memories and heads. We set goals then reach and exceed them. We beat physical disabilities and pain.

If you are looking for inspiration, look beyond the Avengers and look to those you see every day. Ask yourself, “What did they have to overcome just to get out of bed in the morning? What are their goals for the day? How can I do this for myself?” I am strong, i am smart, my heart is full of love and understanding! Nice self-talk. Do it!

Thanks for listening! ;D


~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on June 3, 2012.

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