Hot Dogs are Not just Wieners Anymore!

It’s Saturday and when I was growing up, it was Hot Dog Night. It was also Hockey Night in Canada and the only time we were allowed to eat supper in the living room. I grew up in apartments so we didn’t have a BBQ but my Mom had a couple of ways she would cook hot dogs. There was the traditional way: boil them suckers until they were limp, or; fry them until they were crisp. Crisp is still my favourite. My kids like them best on an unbent coat hanger over a fire in Goldstream Park watching the salmon run. I guess that’s my favourite now, too, but definitely crisp.

Hot dogs are one of those foods that can be so good for you or unbelievably gross. They are sausages make of processed meat and fillers. That’s all we want to know. Sometimes too much knowledge is a bad thing. OK, someone once told me they were made from lips and assholes. There was probably some truth to that. But look at what is available now: chicken dogs; all beef; Kosher; turkey; pork; regular; ball park; foot longs; Vienna; European; All-American; etc…. Then there are all the other hot dog-like sausages. Oh yeah, tofu and veggie dogs, too. Sigh! They are all around us and now you can even get ones without deadly chemicals in them.

“Hot dogs, Armour Hotdogs!
What kind of kids like Armour Hotdogs?
Fat kids, skinny kids,
Kids who climb on rocks,
Tough kids, Sissy kids
Even kids with chicken pox.
Love hotdogs,
Armour hotdogs!
The dogs  – kids –  love to bite !

You can put almost anything on a hot dog. Veggies like coleslaw and onions; condiments of any description; cheeses; and only your imagination is the limit. Buns? I grew up with the traditional east coast hotdog bun that was sliced on the top and white on the sides. Now-a-days our local grocery store makes chipotle buns and they are fantastic. I love cutting a slit in the wiener; inserting some good, old cheddar and wrapping it in a crescent roll then baking. Where I work, the W̱SÁNEĆ School Board, we make Indian Hot Dogs. Take a wiener, wrap it in bannock dough and fry it. OMG these are highly addictive. Sigh. I need coffee. RIGHT NOW!

Not Layla!

You are probably wondering why I am waxing poetic about hot dogs but I love them for two reasons. 1) When I closely followed the No White Food Diet, I could eat all the wieners I wanted – NO CARBS! Of course I could not have buns etc but lots of fried onions! Wieners cut into cute little coins and fried crispy on both sides and dripping with fried onions! Gag! But they were good tasting but deadly to my arteries. No more wienie coins for me. And 2) We’re babysitting Layla, Leanne’s boxer. She’s a dog and she’s hot!

Oh well, I guess I know what we’re going to be having for supper tonight. BBQ’d sausages! I’ll have the New Orleans one with no bun but lots of coleslaw! Of course i didn’t even touch on things like beans and weenies but that’s for another time when I’ll have a go at bologna!

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

The Amour Hotdog Song

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on June 2, 2012.

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