Now They’re Attacking My Comfort Foods!!!! Downer!

“Fatty “comfort” foods may actually make people depressed, new research suggests. Université de Montréal researchers reported that high-fat diets increase anxiety and depressivelike behaviours in mice — ”  Times Colonist of May 24, 2012

Dr David Lau of the University of Calgary said that fatty foods make us feel good and these could become addictive and that explains my potato chips and patty melts.

We know that fatty foods make us feel better, that’s why we eat them and why we go into withdrawal if we don’t get our chocolate! But now they (scientists – so it must be true) say that we will display all kinds of anxiety and depression. So we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t?

According to lead researcher Dr. Stephanie Fulton, “fat-rich foods can actually cause chemical reactions in the brain in a similar way to illicit drugs, ultimately leading to depression as the ‘comedowns’ take their toll.

So, eating fatty foods is like taking illicit drugs. Hmmmm… I wonder if they (the ever-present “they” again) can come up with a methadone for fat reduction in my diet. I’m pretty good at limiting my fat intake but I can’t go cold turkey, even though cold turkey is relatively low in fat if I only eat the white meat and don’t add mayonnaise.

This article even tells us that there is a strain of mice that are prone to obesity. See, it is hereditary!!!! Maybe the mice have anxiety because they are not conforming to society’s standard of beauty. Or that their non-obesity prone peers will make fun of them. Maybe they worry that they will never get into the breeding program if they are obese. I would be depressed, too.

The upside is that these “special” mice are making it into journals. They are journals such as The International Journal of Obesity not Ladies Home Journal, Vogue or Cosmo. Sigh!

The article goes on to say that the type of fat ingested by these poor mice might (emphasis on “might”) make a difference and that mice consuming “good fat, like olive oil” experienced less anxiety.

Well, I’ll still indulge my need for comfort foods and will find a chocolate made with “good” fat. Maybe I’ll replace my missing serotonin and the build up of cortisterols (the anxiety hormone that makes our middles fat) with Tootsie rolls and really good Greek yoghurt. I will still sneak some cheese in there, too.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 25, 2012.

5 Responses to “Now They’re Attacking My Comfort Foods!!!! Downer!”

  1. Hi, – interesting but what comes first? Obesity seems to be significantly associated with anxiety and depression, So is that making you eat fatty food, or does the eating come first? My weight didn’t take off until I become seriously anxious and depressed. The meds didn’t help either… and my comfort food wasn’t only fat food but also everything with sugar. I’ve also read that sugar consumption has ballooned along with depression rates. Maybe a classic chicken-and-egg question?

    • It is such a circular argument. I would interested to know if your sweet tooth does not include fats (ie: pastry, chocolate, ice cream etc).

      • Yes, this is a real chicken and egg dilemma. Surely, my sweet tooth covers all the bases, cakes, donuts, ice cream, chocolate, burgers and fries, you name it. If it’s got fat and/or sugar, I’ll eat it all up 🙂

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