Road Trip – Day 4 – The Road Home

I woke up at 7:30 am to the sound of rain pounding on the parking lot. We had spent the night in a 2 star motel but in a nice king bed. It didn’t have a luxurious duvet or pillow top but it worked. And it was very clean. For me, 9 hours of sleep is unusual but I must have needed them. They did have the worst internet connection and I only managed to get the blog out and look up which ferry we could get home. Not the Anecortes (too early); and not the Coho from Port Angeles (too far from I5 and we already saw that route); so it looked we’d be heading for the border and the good old BC Ferry. But first, coffee.

It’s interesting the perks that they offer in hotels, like: coffee makers, TVs, fridges, microwaves and now, internet, rain-shower shower heads, duvets and breakfasts. Sigh, I know we pay for them one way or another but they are very nice. In this room there was one of those little coffee makers that you put the water in, the packet, then use the creamer and sugar to make it more palatable. This packet didn’t even have a name on it. But I, having travelled in cheap motels and loving half-decent coffee as a minimum, brought a couple of packets of Clayquot Coffee and filters. I guess i didn’t put the pot in correctly so there was coffee all over the counter. Sigh! I cleaned it up and made another pot. This one worked. I also brought some Coffeemate “Double Double”. It’s supposed to mimic Tim Horton’s double cream, double sugar. It’s not bad and it doesn’t need refrigeration because Norm likes his with milk and a bit of sugar. This gave us the energy to leave and head up the highway looking for a good breakfast, it IS the most important meal of the day, you know.

There were only a few things I wanted to find before we left the states: cheap but good vodka; a 2for (24 pack) of Norm approved beer; and flats from Lane Bryant. We could not find a liquor store anywhere. We knew we could get the vodka at the duty-free so we didn’t look too hard. But Norm was looking for Keystone Ice. A very reasonably priced (cheap) decent beer. We pulled off the highway at Mt Vernon and stopped at a truck stop for breakfast. It was very good and the coffee was good, hot and kept coming. It must have been an OK place to stop because only truckers were in there and eating at the counter. One was even giving us the ass-crack view as he sat there. I hadn’t noticed but Norm pointed it out and asked if this would make up for not going to Hooters in Portland. ha ha ha. I had a Denver omelet. Why is it, if you’re west of Colorado, it’s called a Denver omelet but if you’re east of Denver, it’s called a western omelet? Either way it was very good. I gave Norm my hash browns, the omelet filled me up.

Off again, this time we stopped in Burlington for the factory outlets and Lane Bryant. It’s a shop for us big girls, and an outlet store always had great sales. I got new leopard print sandals and sweaters. I know this is not the right time of the year to buy sweaters but for $2.50 each, I could not resist.

Now we were on the last leg, heading for Blaine, Washington where Canadians buy gas and Tillamook cheese. I try to buy Tillmook Pepperjack by the loaf or miniloaf. I am not a fan of most American cheese because of the different rules of what is allowed in cheese in the States, but Tillamook makes great cheese and their Pepperjack is out of this world. Norm got his beer (a 24 of Kokanee, a Canadian beer but at half the Canadian price) and I bought cheese. We filled up the tank and went to the duty-free for my 1.7 L,  $13.00 bottle of vodka. I need it to make cucumber vodka for the summer. There was virtually no wait at the border, the Canadian Customs guy welcomed us back and we ran for the 3:00 ferry.

There was a sign on the highway that said the 3:00 was running half an hour late and 39% full so we thought we had it made. We paid our ransom and lined up. And then we waited. And waited. And waited. The 3 o’clock ferry came  and left (at 3:35) AND WE DIDN’T MAKE IT. Sigh, so we waited some more.

Finally we were on the 5 o’clock sailing in the Spirit of Vancouver Island. We didn’t even go above deck. We’ve seen active pass before. So we shared the upper car deck with the barking dogs and car alarms. Who arms their alarm on a ferry? Where is someone going to take it? Oh well, I read and Norm slept. We were almost home. It was so nice to have had a wonderful road trip but that feeling driving off the ferry into the sun (yes, the sun came out and I even had to wear my sunglasses) towards our humble home is so overwhelming. Not just whelming but..overwhelming! I missed my girls. And my own bed, I guess. I know I need some vegetables and my coffee. So as I sit here and drink my second cup I am happy to have had such a wonderful road trip and am home. I drove  about 1100 Kilometres. Now I need to clean out the car and get back on my diet. No biscuits and gravy or patty melts for a while. I need some aerobic exercise and refocusing so I’ll be in shape for surgery next month.

Thanks for listening. And Norm, thanks for 35 years!!!    ;D Diane

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