Road Trip – Day 3

Mmmm! Really good coffee! I could smell it when I woke up. There was a Krupps in our room but I didn’t try to use it because (due to the wonderful thoughtfulness of Victor) we had access to the breakfast nook on the executive floor he had put us on. So, while Norm was still sleeping I went off to find the coffee smell. It was glorious. It was just a small cafe style place but had newspapers, TV, juices, cereals, all types of breads and pastries, fruit and  there was even a malted waffle maker. Two cups of coffee and a small OJ and I was feeling pretty good. There was a Ryan Reynolds movie i=on the TV and the attendant asked if I wanted to watch the news and I said I preferred Ryan Reynolds.

The room was wonderful but it was the morning that reminded us that we were on a major transportation corridor. We were on a working river with barges and boats; there were train tracks where we saw a train that took an hour to pass; there was the I5 that joined two states with that wonderful drawbridge; and the jets. We were under the flight path for planes landing at the Portland airport. Sigh.

It was raining so the planned trip to the zoo was out. I suggested we do the downtown area. There are animal sculptures and all kinds of fountains. It’s difficult to plan things in the rain when you have to use a walker to get around. We saw a few of the sculptures and then pointed the car north. Lots of driving. I’m the driver now. I love driving my car. It’s my mid-life adjustment car! I am not in crisis.

Off we went and stopped for breakfast at 11 at Fat Dave’s. The staff treat you so well and you feel like one of the family or at least a close friend. I got my biscuit and gravy fix (mmmmm so fattening). I mean $4.50 for 1 and it covered the plate. No, I couldn’t finish it but it kept us until 7pm.

On we went until we saw the sign for Muckelshoot. And to quote the ads “The Biggest and the Best in the Northwest!”. Yes, another casino.  Fireball wasn’t lucky but I was getting a bit back on the Tarot one. So we only spent $25.00 for an hour’s worth of entertainment and all the free non-alcholic drinks we wanted. Sigh, off again.

We skirted Tacoma and Seattle and were only mildly held up in rush hour (I still don’t understand why they call it rush hour when you are barely moving). I was running low on gas so we pulled over to stop for the night in Arlington. Nice clean king room with lots of room for me and the walker.  Supper at the Buzz Inn ( such a wonderful staff) was a chicken fried steak that I couldn’t eat because the soup filled me up.

Back to our room and we crashed at 10. A very full but uneventful day! I need some vegetables and exercise!!!!

Thanks for listening, ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 23, 2012.

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