When You Have To Eat Out!

We went out for Shauna’s birthday last night. The Tapa Bar is one of her favourite restaurants. It was soooo busy and noisy but we had reservations. I have trouble when we go to restaurants. I want to really enjoy everything I like and if I’m going to have to pay for it, I want it all. But experience, the tastes, the calories, the mmmmm factor, the guilt! Tapa Bar is a Cuban restaurant offering tapas, little morsels of latin goodness that you can eat as a meal or share with all at the table.

We started with a pitcher of white sangria. I only had one glass, the picture (pun intended) of restraint! And since Shauna always orders the same Pollo Cubanette (chicken sandwich), the rest of us were allowed to order anything. Garlic Steak, Gambas Chilpotle (prawns), Papas Brava (brave potatoes), Grilled Kale, and Grilled Eggplant. We had someone with us who could not have any meat so the veggies worked! But…

There are no calorie counts on the menu or their website. Anything with sauce came with bread to soak up the sauce. Sigh! Really good bread. Well, I sucked it up (pun) and ate everything I ordered and sampled various other tapas (not the kale, it was so green…eeww.) Now, as I have said before – there are no calories in foods like birthday cakes if they are eaten somewhere other than your home (Right? It’s like the broken cookie leakage!). Then there’s the cake. The Ultimate Cake from the Lighthouse Cake Company. ->

Shauna’s Mona Lisa Smile!

The name says it all! Vanilla and chocolate cake layered with white chocolate, Grand Marnier mousse, oranges, and raspberries, all covered with gold dusted marzipan in a dome shape). WOW! They even brought it out to our table with a star-shaped sparkler! The leftovers are in my fridge and calling my name. Is cake good for breakfast??? I know it’s not healthy but it’s filled with good wishes.

So, when Norm and I go away for a short road trip tomorrow, how will I deal with my quest for the perfect biscuits and gravy? There is nothing good for me in those. Nothing! Except I have begun to see it as a personal challenge on my “Life List” like our friend, Rick’s quest for that one skunk beer and he’ll go through every beer int he world to find it. I will bring my walker and cane, so I can still be mobile. I WILL be burning calories. I WILL eat Washington State apples! They are almost as good as BC’s.

You know what? I will journal all my food on this road trip. It sure makes me think before I eat and..I won’t be anywhere near my fridge!  I’ll bring my computer but I don’t guarantee a blog for a few days.

Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 19, 2012.

One Response to “When You Have To Eat Out!”

  1. I hope your journaling is going well for you! I think Mona Lisa would be proud of you and give you one of her smiles!

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