A Life Altering Birthday

A few years ago, on this day (actually it was 8:45 pm) I discovered a new phase of my life and she was glorious. My daughter, Shauna, arrived in all her tiny beauty. She came two weeks early and weighed in at 7lbs 11oz. She was beautiful and if it is heavenly possible, she is even more beautiful today.

When I was growing up I never planned to get married or have children. My parents had a very tempestuous but passionate relationship that left us children a little scarred and scared. (Wow, that was a real Freudian slip so I’ll keep them both.) But I know we were conceived in love.

I met Norm. My views on sharing my life with someone else changed forever. We talked. And talked and talked. We actually communicated about what we liked, loved, expected, did not want etc. about each other and in our futures. We got married o the 5-year plan. We bought a house; got a dog; got a cat to keep the dog company; then Norm said, “How about kids?” I wavered, I always worried that the world is a horrible place to bring innocents into but…I wanted to share more with Norm. I had a couple of health issues that might have made it difficult to get pregnant and if I got pregnant, I might not be able to carry to term. I said, “Let’s try.” Whammo – pregnant the first month. Fertile bunch those Kirbys.

I had a wonderful pregnancy! Hardly any morning sickness, lots of energy, I lost weight. I even weighed less when I eventually gave birth than when I got pregnant. I think I was eating right, maybe? Anyways, in, May, My regular doctor went on a holiday – that is the cue for something to happen – and it did. I went for the 38 week check up and my blood pressure was way up and I was spilling protein into my urine, a sign that my kidneys were not functioning properly – pre-eclampsia. Quick! Off to the hospital to be put in a dark room so I would stay calm. Then they tried to bring the baby with those wonderful hormone drips – but I hadn’t even dropped yet. Sigh.

Finally, they were worried that the baby was in severe distress and I needed an emergency c-section. Sounds like a grapefruit substitute, doesn’t it? I asked for an epidural. I wanted to be awake for the arrival of my first baby. The nurse whispered in my ear, “Not with this anesthetist, you don’t.” I listened to her and woke up very dopey as Norm handed me a bundle of very black-haired baby girl. Shauna! They rushed her off to clean and sent me to Intensive Care. I felt great, but they said I was still in danger. the nurses there asked me to ask for my baby, so I did. The years from then ’til now have gone quickly but full of love!

She was the most amazing thing I had ever accomplished in my life and I am so glad she is here. So…

Happy Birthday. Shauna. And thank you!

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 18, 2012.

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