From The Heart – Medicine Wheel Part 2

So, how much is too much for your heart? Figuratively and literally. I received a nice Sparks People email with the Heart Smart Workout Plan in it.  It is wonderfully comprehensive article for people at all levels of wanting to have a healthier heart – including “because the doctor told me to”. But…

It’s nice , but how does that help feelings of “heavy heart”? You’ve heard that saying, “Today my heart is heavy.” or “I come to you with a heavy heart.” These are not weight issues. At least I don’t think so. I said last  month that I needed to work on the portions of my personal medicine wheel.

Today I’m focusing on the Emotional or Heart direction of my medicine wheel.  One tradition says the heart is the red and south direction of the medicine wheel. It is where you pray for your struggles.
Struggle and heart – feelings about self and others and how we inter-relate. Efforts and attempts to change negative life experiences to positive feelings and believing my behaviours influence all my relations. Sigh – I do find this statement to be so true!!!! The diagram I used before and have inserted here below show the Red part of the wheel to indicate the Teacher. It refers to learning from all we experience and using our lessons to go forward. Buddhists say if we do not learn our lessons karma will see that repeat them until we do learn then we can move forward. Great universal truths!

A friend of mine just lost her Mom to cancer. Her Mom was a wonderfully honest and vivacious woman and I was privileged to have known her for almost 38 years. My heart was heavy, but I know she would have wanted me to share her joy of family and life – so I will. Her closest family and friends feel a loss but we have so much else to treasure and learn from. We will. I allows me to revisit the loss of my parents with great feelings of love and joy and, yes, laughter too.

So, my present struggles are making me stronger and (hopefully wiser). Those around me are struggling and my heart goes out to them, too! I learn from their experiences and the swings from loss, grief and anger to understanding, love and joy in life.


Wow! Powerful and deep thoughts, eh? But we have connected the word and concept of “heart” to so many things: Heart of Gold; open your hearts; Straight from the heart; Don’t Go Breaking My Heart; Heartbreak Hotel; Heart of Glass. Hmmm have you noticed most of these are song titles? Well, there’s a song in my heart and I’ll give you a piece of my heart via Janis Joplin! Just click and enjoy!

Thanks for listening.  ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 17, 2012.

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