I’m a Cholesterholic – I Am What I eat?

“Cardiologists Diet: If it tastes good — spit it out.”

Cholesterol is in almost all the food I really like. I’m a self-admitted omnivore. Omnivores will eat almost anything. Bears, crows, lobsters, pigs, scarab beetles, Diane – all omnivores. And in the category of omnivores I am in the subset cholesterholic. I like food with hard fat in it. Sigh. I don’t want to but..really, it’s so good. I’ll cook things so most of it drains off but, seriously, it tastes so good.

So what are some of the culprits?

Bacon, butter, pork, beef, ice cream, avocados (really?), bacon, things made with coconut oil, veal, lamb, fish oil like in herring (Yuk!), , eggs, chicken, goose livers, lots of poultry innards (I don’t have to worry here).

Wait, I’ve been lied to. Avocados and coconut do not have cholesterol in them. Only animal products can have cholesterol like we do! And we humans are usually full of it (pun intended)!

Then there’s the “others”. Hydrogenated fats (the hard ones like those used in deep fryers), trans fats, saturated fats and cocoa butter (a class of its own because it is from cocoa beans and essential for good chocolate). This is where avocados and macadamia nuts go. Sigh.

We need some fat. Repeat – some! A and D are in fat so we need these so our brains will work. You DO want your brain to work, don’t you? Maybe not. And there are remedies for those who are cholesterholics.

1) Fibre and lots of it!!!! In any form you can find it. For example, print this blog then eat it, it will remove some cholesterol from your system and it moves through your body!!!

2) Eat less meat! Or cook it so much over a rack so all the fat drains off and it becomes unappetizing and you don’t WANT to eat it.

3) Limit egg yolks to 6 a week. You can have all the cooked whites you want. – Blechhh.

4) Replace butter with olive oil. Popeye likes Olive Oyl and look how healthy he looks.

5) Eliminate doughnuts, french fries, anything deep-fried  and pleasurable from your diet.

6) Take B3 (niacin) but only under the care of a health professional or the Internet.

7) Artichoke leaves (I’m not sure if this means the ones you are supposed to eat or the ones that look like a giant thistle).

8) Oh yeah, fibre! Such as psyllium powder, or in foods such as: oats, barley, rye, legumes (peas, beans), fruits such as apples, prunes, and berries, some vegetables, such as carrots, brussels sprouts, broccoli, yams (YUM!).

9) Plant stanols and sterols (I don’t have a clue – YOU look them up, OK?)


10) Lose weight and exercise (we all know these cure everything in our society today!)

Well enough for now. I’m going to sit here have my coffee with  no cream, my no fat yoghurt and dream of bacon wrapped steak and really, really good patates frites! Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 16, 2012.

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