Counting EVERY Calorie Burned – Part 1

Man: “During sex you can burn as many calories as running 5 miles.”
Woman: “Who the hell runs for 30 seconds?” 

I really think spring is here. I had my capris on for the first time in months. They still fit (insert much cheering here). But I need new ones and as it gets warmer, the pant length goes up and shorts? Well, they’re so..short. I have legs like tree trunks. And now, not being able to do the leg and mobility exercises because of the bad hip (I’m still waiting for a date to get my loose screw fixed), I don’t seem to losing any belly or thigh-size.

I’ve been food journaling. I write down every food and count every calorie crumb. After more than 40 years of following calories I know most calorie counts so what about what I’m eating. Obviously, it isn’t enough. To work on this I’m beginning to count every calorie I burn doing even the most mundane activities (and some exciting ones, too)! To create this chart I am using The Health Status Calorie Burner Calculator. The counts listed below are based on my body weight because I know anyone wanting to know this is probably overweight, too.

Diane’s Calories Burned Chart – Part 1!

Sleeping (360 min): 580 calories
Sitting (60 minutes): 110 calories
Surfing (in water – 60 min): 317 calories
Surfing (internet – 60 min): 125 calories
Typing (per keystroke): .002 calories
Mouse use (per click): .001 calories
Texting (on phone – 20 seconds): .4 calories
Talking (on phone – 20 min): 37 calories

Games – Various types:
Soccer (casual – 60 min): 731 calories
Soccer (competitive – 60 min): 1,049 calories
Board Game (Monopoly etc – losing – 60 min): 175 calories
Video Games (sitting – Mario Bros, Halo etc. – 60 min): 160 calories
Video Games (participatory –  WII, Kinect etc – 60 min): 207 calories

Laughing – Various types:
Giggling (10 secs):  1 calories
Polite laughter (20 secs): 3 calories
Guffaw (per guffaw): 4 calories
Belly laugh (per min): 20 calories
Milk out your nose laugh (per squirt): 30 calories
Pee yourself (per squirt): 34 calories

Facial expressions: per expression
Real smile (each – 4 sec minimum): 4 calories
Fake smile (each – 4 sec minimum): 10 calories
American Gymnast smile (with 2 point landing): 110 calories
Frown (each): 10 calories
Eye-rolling (both at once): 13 calories
Lifting eyebrow (per eyebrow): 3 calories
Pout: 5 calories
Sneer: 4 calories
Full fright face (giving or receiving):  65 calories

More to come. Thanks for listening! ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 12, 2012.

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