The Perfect Poutine – But a National Dish?

I know the crave morsels will be overwhelming. In fact I’m whelmed constantly by the craving for poutine. GOOD poutine. And now, Wendy’s (the fast food chain) has a campaign here in Canada, to make poutine our national dish. We are a huge country with many ethnicities and taste buds. We would need one special food for each province and territory. They’re each bigger (except for Prince Edward Island) than most countries in the world.

Is having a national food a matter of pride to a country who has a beaver for its national animal? A beaver! I guess we could look over the 13 possibilities or go off the board for a different food.

Now we get to see if I start on my coast (the west coast), the east coast, go alphabetically, north to south….hell I live in BC so:

Caribou pre burger!

British Columbia: BBQ’d salmon (I mean cooked the First Nation’s way, on a rack over a fire, mmmmm)
Yukon: Moose Stew (There are lots of them there and they are delicious!)
Alberta: Prime Rib of beef (Duh! But maybe with Stampede BBQ sauce on the side)
North West Territories: Roast Caribou with high bush cranberries. (Mmmmmm, they make excellent burgers, too!)
Saskatchewan: Saskatoon Berry Pie (What can I say?)
Manitoba: Bison steaks with wild rice (I was looking at the whitefish and pike, too but I’ve never had those)


Ontario: Walleye and panfries (Just try and guess!)
Quebec: Poutine ( and tourtiere, and maple sugar pie and..these are my  favourites, Quebec hasn’t chosen one)
Nunavut: Arctic Char and Muktuk (awesome fish and whale blubber)
New Brunswick: Lobster with fiddlehead greens (the lobsters from the Bay of Fundy are pretty amazing)
Prince Edward Island: Blue mussels with genuine PEI potatoes (they have the Canadian Potato Museum there!)
Nova Scotia: Grilled scallops with blueberry salsa (so much seafood, so little time!)
Newfoundland (and Labrador): Flipper pie (yes, it’s made with seal flippers, personally I’m all about the fish and crab cakes)

Even as I was doing this I couldn’t nail any one thing down for each province or territory. Sigh. I love food.

Now, back to poutine. real poutine is chips (known as french fries to modern people), white cheese curds (fresh, they squeak when you bite them), and gravy. The gravy can be almost any kind but St Hubert’s (from Quebec) and Swiss Chalet’s Chicken gravy (all over Canada) are the best. But…it has to be cheese curds or it’s a variation of “Cheese Fries”. Now you can even get poutine at NY Fries and almost every restaurant in Canada. You can add bacon (traditional and Canadian back Bacon), onions, jalapenos, sour cream, almost any type of meat, etc. A restaurant near us (Pig) actually serves an amazing pulled pork poutine. One order will feed three people or one person three times. Put the concept is poutine.

Maybe we should consider poutine a national dish. I will just have to preplan for it: extra aerobics, no other food for two days, a bit of anxiety (what if my Dr. finds out?), huge guilt, and much pleasure. Yeah, it would work. Thanks for listening. ;D Diane

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 8, 2012.

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