Popcorn – Wonderfood?

Do you like popcorn? I sure do. According to Jeremy Shere, PHD; popcorn is a healthy food! On the Sound Medicine website he talks about it (Click on Sound Medicine) and then WebMD backs him all up! Of course this is all the good stuff about popcorn.

It seems that popcorn is full of fibre, antioxidants and polyphenols (I’m vaguely aware of polyphenols, they’re good but…hell, Google them!). It turns out that the hulls of popped corn are full of good stuff. It’s the butter, salt, flavourings and chemicals added to microwave bags, that’s bad for you. Of course.

I  thought I was in piggy heaven when I found Bacon Cheese Flavoured microwave popcorn. I bought it. Three of my favourite flavours in one place!!!! Sigh. I know microwave popcorn isn’t as good for you as, the now uber-popular, air-popped popcorn. Of course, air-popped popcorn wasn’t popular when I gave away my ancient (but working) air-popper to the Salvation Army a couple of month ago. And we wonder why so many people are hoarders, you may really need that thing later!!!

I like the convenience of microwave popcorn and it comes in all types, sizes and flavours, even organic and “Smart”. What the hell does “smart” mean. Can it go on Jeopardy????

You know when you are in a really bad mental place and you are told to go to your “Safe Place”? Most people go to a beach, or a warm bed or even a sweet bubble bath.  Me, I don’t go anywhere – I just smell popcorn – and all is well with the world. Remember what it was like to walk into a movie theatre and all that warm smell surrounded you (not the wet coats, BO or old pop). I can still see my Mom popping Jolly Time in the big pot. Shake, shake, shake across the burner then sitting with the family and the big white plastic bowl. I think popcorn, and having to share the bowl, would/could end a lot of world problems and hunger at the same time????

Oh, yeah, I was telling you about the magic Bacon Cheese flavoured popcorn. It stunk! Seriously, very smelly. Fake bacon should be a federal crime. Norm hated it and Shauna thought the house smelled awful and wouldn’t even try it. Sigh. It was pretty bad but I ate most of it anyways. I needed the polyphenols. Anyone want two bags of microwave Bacon Cheese “Flavoured” popcorn?

Thanks for listening! ;D Diane

https://www.youtube.com/embed/Zl6rZfNXag0?rel=0“>Popcorn by Hot Buttered 

~ by 1fatgirlshrinking - Diane Kirby on May 3, 2012.

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